Are AMP pages for Shopify essential?

Has anyone found AMP pages that big of a difference for their Shopify store?

Do you get really get more SEO traffic?

Thanks !

i’ve read on the web years ago that google concider the speed load for their seo ranking and its not a secret today beside that just with my human experience and far from bench and numbers i can say that amp pages load fast a lot than normal ones

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That’s what I noticed. My mobile sit load time is not great, looking to speed it up. Not so much for SEO, as to reduce bouncing from slow load on mobile. Thanks.

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I run 3 different Shopify stores. Depending on your traffic source, I think AMP is the most untapped SEO opportunity on the market right now. One of my stores jumped over 2 pages higher on key search terms, and for some terms we’re consistently ranking #1 or #2 and we were previously around #8-#12. On another shop, we don’t do much SEO, but we still use AMP, and the impact isn’t very big at all. So I’d say if you already have an SEO strategy, then you should ABSOLUTELY use AMP. If you don’t have any SEO strategy, then you can pass on it. Also, if you need apps like a wishlist or something, then you can pass on AMP too. It’s only meant for mobile “light” pages.

As a side-note, we don’t run Ads, so I can’t tell you how effective it is for Ads, but for SEO, it’s been huge for us.

And as a double-side note, we are using AMP by Shop Sheriff. We tried 4 different apps and Shop Sheriff has, by far, the most effective and easiest to use solution. But feel free to try them all out.


I was looking at them because I want to run Youtube ads, and since many people use mobile to watch YT, I wanted to speed my site load time up. Plus, I could target only mobile users.

The SEO aspect of AMP was a side benefit.
Thanks for the info, and best of luck to you in 2020!

Wow DRaven_us thanks for the recommendation of Shop Sheriff. Had no idea and such a powerful tool!