Are browser extensions better than Jarvee scrapers?

Was wondering if now its better to use browser extensions to scrape IG accounts, instead of using Jarvee and creating scrapper accounts on it?

I don’t think so. Jarvee has a lot more source options and filters. You can scrape using API, and have the “scrape with the embedded browser where possible” option checked in Jarvee. It will help reduce the number of API Calls on your scraper accounts.

Depends if the browser extension gives human like actions. Also that account will get a block or get captcha after a certain amount of clicks of profiles

Thank you both for the feedback! When I read on the forum a great majority have issues with their scrapers being blocked. Now you have me thinking it’s just having the right settings and going from there.

Yes, in Jarvee you can set EB call limit, API call limit, and the delay settings. Having the right settings will help your scraper accounts live longer. There are some users who have shared their settings on this forum, but I think you will find the best settings for your scraper accounts by doing tests on them with different settings.

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of course, it all about the settings and how you set the scraping, everyone is getting API scrape blocks but that’s a part of the process the main thing is that you test different stuff and you should be able to get what you want always start slowly with good proxies and clean accounts so that your tests be productive.

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Nope. It takes really long.
I use 6 Scrapers right now for 15 Accounts and I get more then enough highly filtered targets for all of them.

You just have to set up your Slaves right and follow this:

It is a great tutorial and you can safe money by having more slots for accounts that do actions rather then scrape.

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I suggest starting with some really strict API limits and then loosening them up slowly until you find the optimal settings for you which are safe but on the other hand not that strict to send your account to often to the delayed status.

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