Are Dm group/ ssm panel usefull?

Do you think dm groups, buying likes stuff like that are usefull when growing a page ?
i heard that instagram is not stupid and can see likes are fake that’s why i never use that when i grow my pages … sooo

why people use it ? social proof ?

  1. Yes dm groups really work but use them on third party apps (not on Instagram itself).
  2. Never never never buy likes! This won’t bring you any value except a useless number. Buying likes will be detected from Instagram.

I’d suggest you to just use dm groups because this will really boost your page.

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thanks for your answer, so you are using it ?

And yes ofc i got some telegram groups who can bring me 100-200 likes but i don’t see différence on my hashtag ranking

Maybe my strat was bad

Everything has a purpose I would say, but as always, use the right tool for the right job. If its niche specific exposure in the form of targeted DM groups, it can help a lot. If its social proof you are looking for, buying likes can help a lot.

At the end of the day, it’s the social media manager’s job to make those critical decisions for the client, to ensure the account is going in the right direction.

For example celebrities task agencies to make fake fan pages for them and then use their media partners to merge those pages. This is one of the tactics applied for growing fast as a celebrity.

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Really it works that way with multiple fan pages? I heard stories when people are getting their fan pages disabled for impersonation either when people report them, or when trying to merge them into main celeb’s page following. Same with M/S when growing client’s account, you will end up having little 10k followers fan pages totalling like 1 million followers, you think it would be that easy to use media partner panel to combine all following from slave accounts and transfer to main client’s account? Just curious :slight_smile: Thanks for insights by the way, Henry!

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For real celebrities, yes that’s how it is done.

For random clients that nobody really knows, no :smiley:

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Fare enough :slight_smile: Thanks for the answer!

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What are some good media partner panels?

thanks for all your answer i have an other question

should i use dm groups on my new tiktok repost page ?

Because it will affect the view time maybe it will hurt the ranking on hashtags ?

thanks a lot