Are engagement group accounts basically shit?

So this one account had 30% engagement rate (around 20k likes and bunch of comments per post) a month ago and today only 5% engagement rate… One post even had 150k likes and just 800 comments (150% engagement rate…wtf?)
Is it even worth to pay $ them for shoutout for your product or are they basically shit?

Not worth. Huge fluctuations = something fishy with their account

The engagement you see are most likely EG engagers, not organic engagers

I’ve forgot to add that they had 30%> engagement for about 3 months and they are still part of engagement group
Although they have one post from 14 march and then 30 march which means that they are deleting low performing posts but quality of their content is pretty much the same with low (seen from recent posts) or high performing posts. My best guess would be “power likes” which give them a chance for their posts reach explorer page and go viral (basically how engagement groups work). I think