Are engagement groups anti engagement groups?

Are engagement groups useful? Do they after time become counter intuitive? Iv seen a few accounts with 400likes avg and 90 comments… Does instagram stop valueing comments from repetitive sources?

High likely, but we can’t know. There is a few papers out there in the science world about how to find “rings” and “groups” of bots, but as i said, everything is highly speculative. I think they still work, the question is to which degree.


What does it mean when people post BM in engagement groups rather than their link?

I always wonder this too. And the EG that recommend copy and paste to your DMs and then click through all the user names… doesnt IG know that youre commenting on the list of usernames you just DMd to yourself?
Ive heard that comment from the same people over and over dont count as much and makes sense to me that IG would be able to track that esp if they are trying to judge the popularity of a post …if your mom always comments on every post they probably wont count that as real popularity and why would it be any different for an engagement group