Are engagement groups effective nowadays?

Hi! Are engagement groups effective nowadays? If yes how do you guys finding them? I’d really like to try this method if it’s worth it

Go for Telegram Engagemenr Groups - Yes they work if used properly.


Thank you for answer! Can you recommend some please? I tried to find something via telegram search, but found only a few channels that look very strange for the first sight

Search for ‘Boostgram’ on telegram.

Or else if you search ‘Dx10,Dx15’ and some combinations like these so you may find many.

And trust me once you join one engagement group,other engagement groups will scrape and add you automatically to the other groups later :joy:


Haha :joy: thank you so much! Your advices are always very helpful


They really don’t work nowadays unless they are accounts in your niche.

Comments will drive the post up the home feed, but eg’s are mainly used as social proof nowadays.


If you have multiple number accounts, you can run your own Engagement Groups within Jarvee.


@Bianca Do you have any tutorial on how to do it?
I would like to have about 20-30 accounts in such a group. Is that hard to do?
Can I do the same on facebook etc.?

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There is a tutorial on their website for this. :slight_smile: You can go to BLOGS section and just type IG Engagement Groups and you will find the guide.

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Yeah here is the article for their Engagement group tool:

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@Bianca @Jaha Thank you :wink:

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A while back I joined a couple and now my telegram is flooded by these groups xD

Does anyone know a good likes & comments one? Ideally which could be automated with some sort of ‘paid’ membership for auto drops. I know Jarvee can help if you have a pre-defined list of users, but all these telegram groups are pretty random meaning without a bot it needs to be dropped manually daily and that’s annoying.

Double down on this statement to answer the OP question.

depends what you mean by work. Does it help reach more people? I think you’re saying it doesn’t work in that sense specifically.

But I’m not looking for that. I have a few client accounts that could benefit from a few dozens or maybe even hundred of likes and 5-10 comments per post. And for that, I’m 100% sure it works, as long as you drop on the right group :smiley: social proof is a good result.

So, that being said, I’ve checked out a bunch I’m added on telegram and seems a few have 10-20$ plans for auto drop and auto monitor. Some of those groups have 10-50k members in it.

But the Telegram feed is only filled with bot dropping posts and almost no real person sharing it, making me think they upsell for their auto drop feature to make a few bucks of you, but there’s almost no real people actually involved.

So in short, I would be more than happy to pay 10-20$ to get a hundred likes from legit people and 5-15 comments per post. But finding the right group is the bit I’m worried about haha. I don’t want to buy 5 subs to random groups and see no results from them.

i mean it still works but algorithm is updated like hella many times but the comment section is gon look nasty