Are hashtags in the description really needed?

I saw the other day a “golden” nugget post which mentioned that the hashtags in the comments was bugged and to please use them in the description.

However, my posts do appear in the hashtags new posts so they seem to be working.

Does it actually impact reach? It just looks much messier in the body of the picture

Joining the question…?

I guess we just should try and test both of them on a few posts, and see.

Did someone tried out there ?

im always add hashtags on the second post massage and im always get in to the hashtags
so im a bit confused about this gold nugget tip


Tried both on same account for couple of months each. Didn’t notice any difference in reach. I am now just posting them in the caption seperated by couple of blank rows.


No difference, the only issue is that when you post hashtags in the comment some times they dont work so you need to becareful

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I’ve had the same experience as @ZackMD1, but I haven’t had it happen enough to figure out what triggers it

doesnt matter where you put those hashtags.


They work in the comments provided you post them immediately. There is probably a window in which to post them, however it isn’t an easy one to miss. They 100% work when posted in the comments section.

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I post in the first comment straight away and lots of people find me via hashtags.

I have done both and never noticed a difference, that advice was probably just a hoax to seem more authentic and provide something that has not been said before