Are Instagram Proxies worth?

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I have been testing a lot with proxies and methods to create and manage a lot of accounts in instagram. I have used a lot of proxy providers and i can tell you one thing:

They are all the same.

What is failing in your method is probably not the proxy. IMO, you are failing in the way of creating and warming up the accounts. If i were you, i would stop paying for proxys monthly, and would start making mines using the guide:

I did it, and im not paying monthly fees for my proxies. My dedicated server costs me 60 € monthly but i get in return 256 slots for additional ips without monthly cost for the ips, just the server.


OVH? How are the subnets like?

Yeah im using OVH server. They are not as good as i would like, but it is good enough. The CPU on the servers is pretty bad and you will have troubles with more than 50 multiple connections.

For example: /27

how come they don’t charge for all those ips? you get them all for the price of the server? . There also might be a problem with them because they are consecutive, that leaves a trace to follow.

+1 for Johnny, my friend

OVH sells it for 3$ per ip and they are indeed sequential as per example above. The first 3 octets are the same which is a big risk by the looks of it.

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Did anyone try setting more than 3 accounts per proxy?
Is 3 accounts the limit you would suggest per proxy?

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This looks pretty neat. I’m using a similar approach to run my client accounts.

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Been using pretty much same technique, buy vps for 5$
+10 ips - 10$
thats 11proxies for a month for 15$

pros - not spammed to ig
you can allways check them if something happens

subnet footprint
datacenter ips


@mindeswx +++

@losek glad that my guide helps :slight_smile:

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