Are Live Videos Replacing Content?


Live videos are becoming popular each passing day. It has forced marketers to start using the strategy to increase sales. In fact, it is considered the best strategy to use to attract new customers. This is why millions of live videos are uploaded and watched on YouTube and facebook every day. A few weeks ago, I heard a marketer say that live videos are soon going to overtake content as a marketing tool. Marketers, do you think this is true?


Was the marketer a live video person? My guess is they were. Platforms IMO don’t care what type of content it is as long as it is: 1) fresh, 2) engaging, and 3) they can monetize it.

Some people don’t like doing live video, but put out great produced videos or posts. Do you think the platforms are going to not show their stuff? Probably not, because people consume content differently, too.

I, for one, hate watching live video. In an hour long video, there is probably 5 minutes of stuff that is worthwhile. I like the ability to fast forward or play at 2x speed. I also like to watch stuff when I want to, not blocking out time to watch something.

My 2 cents, at least.


Iive video has been there for years in many platform, and it wont replace recorded video for one reason : people want to have flexibility of when will they consume the content