Are niche specific engagement groups bad for account health?

On my 120k account, I used a lot of shout for shouts and engagement groups with pages in my niche.

I am finally starting to push my m/s strategy onto my small personal fitness account and want to boost it even faster. So, I was thinking about making an engagement group of 10 or so fitness accounts with good engagement.

I haven’t used these in a year or so, so I am not sure if they are still good to use and not sure if they will ruin my account over time.

Any thoughts on this?

My fitness account I am trying to do m/s on got action blocked about 6 months ago because I used ninja gram and went to hard, not knowing about account health. My account suffered a terrible engagement rate drop and even now I can’t get back to where it used to be. So, i’m trying to find ways of getting things back while using m/s. Hashtags barely hit etc. used to be easy