Are powerlikes just another scam?

I ran into this article and thought it has some good argument against powerlikes, for example:

“If you had 100,000 real Instagram fans, would you give your account to a company for them to abuse via a bot, let alone give up your credentials to them so that they can use your account to give likes to anyone who is ready to pay?”

So what do you guys think about the author’s argument debunking powerlikes?

Full article: (I know wolf global is basically another overpriced smm reseller, but this article is worthy reading imo, as it does have many valid points)


With the overuse of any ‘feature’, you can expect its effectiveness to decline.

The popularity of these engagement pods/powerlikes has increased dramatically, thus, yielding poorer results than when it wasn’t so saturated.

My contention is that powerlikes aren’t necessarily a scam, it’s just that the competition nowadays is through the roof. Getting noticed today is undoubtedly a whole lot harder than it was a year or two ago.

I believe it’s the content creators who will continue to flourish on Instagram, while people recycling content can only expect matters to get worse (powerlike or not).

The point that the writer makes in that article is definitely a valid one, and it’s become clear to most that not all powerlike suppliers are created equal.

Just my opinion!


That’s a really good point. Another concern is: does using powerlikes continuously (instead of using it once in a while) cause shadowban or at least reduced engagement? What’s your experience on this matter? :slight_smile:

I do believe it can have a negative impact on organic engagement, particularly in the long-run.

Then again, that may depend on a few different factors. If you’re using a ‘powerlikes provider’ who is, in actual fact, just an smm reseller, then this will more than likely negatively impact your engagement

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If sites like hypeauditor can tell if comments/engage are from engagement groups, IG 100% knows as well

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I agree, but the thing is: for what incentive IG would mind engagement groups? IG hates botting I understand, but EG doesn’t seem to hurt IG’s income?

I think powerlikes is significantly different from smm fake likes, even if it isn’t exactly what the seller usually promote it to be?

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Powerlikes can be extremely useful if you post quality stuff (good content is a No.1 condition for successful Instagram growth), and if you find a service that will get you REAL likes from RELEVANT people. One of such services is Fuelgram, for example. I’ve used it for a while and continued to receive huge engagement from niche-related profiles even after I disconnected my account from it.

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Powerlikes can be a useful cog in an Instagram marketing strategy. Although if your marketing strategy relies on powerlikes then you can be affected heavy by small algorithm changes. Diverse marketing strategies is the name of the game.


That’s some great advice, thanks!

As I replied to you in BHW, it’s interesting to see Fuelgram always receives so contradicting feedback. I mean in BHW, most people, including the mods seem to conclude it is a scam, but a few say it’s the best.

About the fuelgram powerlikes though, did you have to give them your login credentials or were you just receiving likes? :slight_smile:

Sorry, you said that you replied to me on BHW? Blackhatworld forum? I know what it is but I still don’t have an account there. Maybe you’ve mistaken me for someone else?
And no, I didn’t have to give log in credentials to Fuelgram for powerlikes, you just have to connect the account. Literally within an hour you get around 700 likes from profiles that have thousands of followers.

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Thanks man. And are you not Elza1989 in this thread? That’s really weird then. :slight_smile:

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Fuelgram Is a scam. You’ll get likes from spam account. I tested it. Sure they do have accounts with huge number of followers but those accounts are dead, no engagement at all.


Lol wording is so similar :joy:
And btw f*** Fuelgram and maybe ban the guy @Adnan

I have never heard of an honest and knowledgeable social media marketer talking good about fuelgram.

Above was what you said here. And “Elza1989” in BHW said: “Powerlikes, from my experience, can be very useful if you combine it with high-quality content, but you just need to find the service that gets you likes from real accounts and preferably that those accounts belong to the niche / topic you are posting about. One of such services is Fuelgram. I continued to receive high engagement from relevant profiles even after I disconnected my account from it.”

Care to explain?:blush:

Try to directly negotiate with sources you want likes from. If they’re active and you make them a quality offer for a monthly plan or similar you can make sure that your sources are legit. Some page owners have more than a one page and that’s what you should look for.

Don’t really know the price range for powerlikes nowadays but I’d rather take 50-100 quality sources over 500 poor quality accounts.

Also as said from the guys above, content is also very important :slight_smile:

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Is it common for those big accounts to sell likes? I thought about asking some, but would many of them feel insulted and even report me?

In my experience, powerlikes didn’t help. The only thing they were useful for was number. Branda and agency are more interested in account with high numbers.

But I think that they are not useful because Instagram places you in a different niche from yours. For . example, I have a music account, i’m non interested in having 2000 likes from tavel account, this kind of likes do not bring the type of audience that I want. using them lead my account to death. 0.55 of ER

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You mean using powerlikes reduced your ER? How long did you use it?