Are shoutouts from IG influencers actually worth it?

I’m interested in trying influencer marketing/shoutouts as a way to sell more of my services and products. I’m in the music niche selling various services to music artists which i’d like to promote via shoutouts.

Would you say that shoutouts from large / relevant IG accounts are worth it nowadays or what would you suggest i should focus on instead that might be more cost-effective and bring better results?

Btw do you simply DM those influencer accounts on IG and ask them for their shoutout rates or is there a better way (eg via email) cause i tried that a while back with a few accounts but never heard back from them?

Your services are for professionals or anyone with a guitar/ microphone?
If they are for everyone I would reach out to everyone literally with more than 1000 followers and even one clip with a guitar or similar and offer them being your ambassador and getting a comission from sales.
F*ck big influencer accounts, if they aren’t real life celebrities then it would cost you a lot of upfront invesment without any guarantee of success. I would play numbers game with hundreds or thousands of small artists with real followers and real community connections.


I offer services such as lyric videos, website design, music blog features etc which are aimed at music artists that are serious about their music (and not just doing it as a hobby) as those are the ones who are willing to pay any money for such services.

So would you say that asking/paying for shoutouts from not so big accounts (1K-10K) with active followers and good engagement rate would work well for this or would you suggest i focus on other methods or even FB/IG ads etc for better and more cost-effective results?

I used to have several accounts doing follow/unfollow and sending DMs to new followers etc with pretty good results but after June i’m having lots of issues (blocks, ACs etc) so i’m trying to find alternative methods that work right now.
If you have any suggestions that would be great.