Are Tai Lopez programs worth it?


Hi guys, so i have seen adds about Tai Lopez programs maybe 10,000 times or more and I was wondering if anyone here has actually purchased one of his courses and if they thought it was worth it?
Or do you have any recomendations for Social Media Marketing courses?


Absolutely not !
You can check them yourself just a small google search and you will find his courses for free


I have a different question - does anyone know how much money he has earned from selling those courses?


I had no idea they were so easy to find online hahaha thanks for that.
Have you whatched anyoff them?


There’s much better courses available. I’m not a Tai Lopez “hater” or anything like that, but let’s be honest, he creates a course for literally every “trendy” way to make money online. SMM, Crypto, etc.


Do you have any recomendación?


What do you want to learn?


Something that will eventually be useful.
I know I’m being to vague but the reality is I want to learn everything. It’s more of a question of where to go from here. So I’m looking for a need in the market.
But let me try to ask it a different way. If you needed a helper, what would you want them to know?
I hope that makes at least a little sense


You don’t need his courses, Only watch his Ads over and over again and try to find out how he is making money, then do the same in whatever niche you want! Watch how he has build his Funnels / Landingpages and so on…


So you want me to show off my hot model friends and all of my Lamborghinis. And the Landing page on the side


You can create high converting Ad Video without Lambos.


Without model either? i mean that is why people click on those adds


I’m just kidding man, I know the key is contributing value and that there are infinite ways of doing that but Tai literally dominates the lambo guy key words
Don’t you think that is why he made it big?


It sounds to me like you’re just dipping your toes into the world of internet marketing. Is this the case?


Nop, my feet are already in the water, but not much more. Then again its hard to say because I have a decent idea of what is out there but little real-world experience in this field. If I could get a mentor that would be great, but in the meantime, I have to conform myself with learning from online courses and books/ebooks.
It’s very unfortunate that IG in only a small piece of the picture because I have a good grasp at that.


I’m having a difficult time recommending you any courses because there’s so many different skills that can be learned in order to earn an income online.

Social media marketing, affiliate marketing, copywriting, email marketing, website design, graphic design, etc.


Okay, then could you recommend something for Social Media Marketing?
I really appreciate it


I used to live in Hollywood, and i would go to this gym where his brother (or he said he was his brother) went to. I met the guy and he said they have gotten thousands of testimonals from people, just testimonals. Im sure hes sold it over 30k times. 30kx1000 =30 mil in the bank and I wouldnt be surprised if he has done more.


You csn start with both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads Blueprints. Both were useful for me. If you want something more proffesional oriented, you could take s look to a Udacity Nanodegree (for example google analytics and so on)


Thank you for your reply!

I have found this video:

but still have to watch it.

I’m guessing that’s just an estimate of his revenue, and after all it’s really hard to say how much is the profit.
Anyway, I believe the guy is making $40 mil+ per year in the last two years.