Are there any first comment bots?

I’ve been looking around for quite a long time now and cant find any good first comment bots. Anyone know any?

I have thought about the same…

FOr the moment nothing is working for comment. You will get blocks after blocks. Everyone is struggling with M/S options.I someone lets say level 16 :wink: in this forum know the solution to comment with a bot please share

I know a bot, but I suggest not to risk it.
I used to use it to put more hashtags on my posts, but now I guess it is not necessary.

What do you mean by first comment bot ? A bot that continously scrapping certain account and when new feed posted the bot will comment ?

Could you send the bot or say what it’s called?

Yeah. A bot that will always comment on new posts the second they come out

Does this still work

Yes, it’s still working.

If you want to know how to configure it, please reach out to the support team.

Yes, you can still use the option in Jarvee’s Publishing Campaign Overview:


where i can find this bot ?

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Does this still work

It no longer works the same as it did during the era of first comment bots, as Instagram no longer puts the first comment at the top of the post. With time, comes change… you have to evolve with new strategies as they change the platform. They made that change for good reason, as comments were flooded with these bots during that time.

i have one for sale, dm me for info