Are there any good Instagram scrapers?

I want to scrape usernames based on niche. It would be great if it had filters so I can sort based on number of followers, likes per pic and even engangement rate. Where could I find this?

You can try using the Hashtag Suggestions link in the Follow Settings tab, see if that helps. You can also go to the Comment Tool, at the bottom of the Settings page, there is an option to extract likes, followers, followings and so on.

This doesn’t really do what I want. I want to find big accounts in specific niches. Or normal sized accounts with good engagement rate.

I am currently just doing manual google searches which isn’t that bad and you usually see which accounts are worth clicking on by just seeing the meta description in google, so it doesn’t take all that much time. I saw a scraper on BHW a while back but didn’t look more into it, think it was like $20 or $30.

I’ve tried with Scrapebox and it continued to get cut off after the first 100 results, or whatever Google believes is a “duplicate,” but surely there’s a better way to use that tool for it.

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I’m looking for a scrapper that looks into a specific IG account and shows you a list of the most liked/engaged images.
Is there any?

I buy Ig data grabber pro and also pinterest data grabber pro.

You can grab the data such as username, followers, follow, likes and so on.

Use Excel to sort them by followers and you can copy paste the username into MP.

Hope it helps

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Interesting. Do you mean Pinterest Booster and Instagram Promoter? Do you know if it also downloads the posts (image) including the caption? And you can have a constant feed that downloads based off hashtags (rather than manually adding a hashtag and see what comes up, same for usernames)? This would be great to always check the latest content that was updated. Thanks, it sounds like a really awesome tool. Also curious if you had heard of 4k Stogram, perhaps even used it, and what you found the difference to be.

@ddizzle no, I did not but the instagram promoter or pinterest booster. I only buy data grabber.

There is lot of different software with different function.

Already use massplanner and it is should be best enough. Data grabber I use to search username as per keyword.

Let say I look for alabama, the software find and scrape all the link post, then it scrape the username engage with that post. After that i check search for the data, how many followers, following, username, website, email, post and status. Then I use microsoft excel to sort the user with number of followers. I remove the user with less followers ( less than 100 maybe) than select the big user with lot of followers. Put it in massplanner as the source. :slight_smile:

For image downloader , I am not sure as I am using different one. :smiley:

You can ask the website support for more info.

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I couldn’t find an Instagram data grabber on their site. Do you know the exact name of the product? Thanks

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@ddizzle Use search function and search for “instagram”. You will find photo ripper also.
the product there is not properly located from their menu.

Does this bot grab the like/comment data of the posts as well?

I use 4k Stogram to scrape images (not users) by hashtag or user name. It’s great.

Data grabber pro not grab any data from post. But I think another bot can. Just read their description.
I have few bots only. Try check this out.

Just curious, couldn’t these same tasks be done with for free and MP?

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@Adnan they have like 4 accounts that keep spamming the same service

This is a 3 1/2 year old post…

Yes, the person I was responding to bumped it. I believe adnan removed it.

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Yeah, they keep coming back with new profiles :slight_smile: