Are there people here that would take commission to do a campaign for me?

Just putting out a feeler. I’ve been using mp to handle my posts for a single account but have had trouble with doing multiple accounts. My company has been paying commission for people to post for us. We would be just as happy to pay somebody the same commission to auto-post for us.

FYI. I know you guys are all thinking “what’s the con?”. Here’s the deal. I pay about $300 for every new customer using traditional pay per click. We can’t afford this so we went to posting in facebook groups, which worked wonderfully until we started posting too much. So, we started paying other people comission to post with their own facebook accounts. This has worked well for us, so we are looking for more people to do it. So, no con. No “now all we need is your credit card”.

I considered doing all the research to be able to do this myself (which led me here). Then, I realized that it seems like a full time job to keep up with all this stuff, and I already have a full time job running my business. I would love to have one or some of you mp gurus to use your pre-existing skills and resources in exchange for our standard commission. I figure if it’s worth it for some people to do this manually, it’s gotta be worth it for somebody that can automate it over multiple accounts.

Questions, GO.

Sounds like a good deal, if you didn’t find anyone send me a pm and I will connect you with one of my friends that have about 100 Facebook accounts and see if he would be interested in this.

Looks a good deal , i have around 200 FB accounts and i was going to start monetizing them and was looking for offers .
Can you PM me more details about your offer and how we can track sales generated by us ?

I am also interested in getting more details…

I would be interested in having people with facebook pages or accounts with lots of friends post some viral website content of mine when am ready and work out a price per unique visiters to the blog

Thanks for the responses. I will just copy here what i PM’d to another inquiry.

I would project that a single account with 100 groups with active posts (bumped daily) would bring in $100 a month. My partner says more, but I want to be conservative. This first month could be slow while we are still establishing ourselves.

In short, our service ( provides unspecialized labor for cleaning and odd jobs. Our motto is “for just about anything.” (You may want to check out the site to get a better idea of what we do.) We charge the customers a $20 monthly membership fee for access to our highly affordable hourly labor. The membership fee is designated solely for customer and worker acquisition. Here’s where you come in.

Our current design is for one salesperson to post for one specific region (a major US city and it’s surrounding areas). Because the membership fee is designed to cover both customer AND worker acquisition costs, we need the the salesperson to also post for employees “minions” in their region. Generally, we just do a few posts in “now hiring” groups using our usual ad but with a “now hiring” label at the bottom. You would not receive any direct compensation for recruiting minions. However, our business is very attractive to potential recruits and it’s very easy to recruit enough minions with only a handful of posts. Once you have covered the “now hiring” groups, we are ready to move on to the more lucrative part.

We offer 2 coupons that only our advertisers have access to. One is for $20 off their first use, so they can skip the membership fee and try out the service. The second is $100 for a full year membership. Anytime someone uses this coupon, we credit you with a direct sale and send you the full $100 minus any transaction fees. You also receive credit via indirect sales in your region by way of a monthly bonus. We cannot guarantee that you will always receive 100% of your indirect sales, but it should be pretty close here in the beginning. Your pay summary might look like this:

Direct Sales: $100 - $5 transaction fee. = $95
Indirect Sales: $100 - $5 transaction fee. = $95
Single Use Passes: $20 X 75% = $15
Recurring Memberships: $80 X 75% = $60

In this case, the salesperson only made one direct sale. However, that customer told some friends, some people found us on google, and a few people are on recurring payments rather than the $100 coupon. FYI, I would expect much larger numbers with multiple accounts.

I realize that you are probably unaccustomed to posting regionally and therein lies the rub. We don’t currently have any other models that would let you continue to post in the groups that you are probably already a member of. To ease your concerns (as well as mine), It would probably be best to ease into this with one city and only a few of your accounts, then expand when we can both see that things are profitable and running smoothly.

I would be glad to get your input and any ideas on how we could make this work. I can provide you with the resources I have provided to our other sales people, but I’m sure you would need to do thing your own way to avoid red flags on facebook. Also, I am not married to posting on facebook alone. If you would do better on other social media, the same commissions would apply.

Side Note: I have no problem with others using this same thread to look for people to help with their own campaigns but I cannot vouch for their legitimacy. But, such is life on the interwebs.

I think I this is the completely wrong type of service to promote on FB, what groups would you target that would be interested in this? LinkedIn would be better I would think but that is hard to spam

You may not be wrong here, but we have enjoyed some amount of success so far with manual posting. We’ve done some posting on “for sale” groups. Even though we are a service, most of these groups really don’t care. We’ve had more success in community groups. We just have to make sure our posts don’t look too spammy and often have to communicate with an admin. Anyway, if you can’t make it work, then you can’t make it work. No harm in asking right?

As for Linkedin, we haven’t even tried that yet. We just sorta stumbled onto facebook groups and it worked, so we kept on doing it. Like I said, I’m not married to Facebook. I’m cool with whatever gets the job done.

I read this thread… Mainly because I want to learn as much as I can about this tool, how others use it, and what others seek from it.

I visited your website. Let me blunt…

It looks like something my grandma put together using Microsoft frontpage back in 1998.


As a basic reminder to all who use these forums, please don’t feed the trolls. Thankyou.

Worthwhile reminder @bigboss. Compare my contribution with yours to these forums. And then the troll that should not be fed becomes most clear.

You should watch your language… This forum is full of great people willing to share their knowledge and help each other… The best thing about this forum is that it has relaxed atmosphere and people here have full respect for others… So this kind of language doesn’t belong here… If you don’t like what the OP is searching for simply skip it… @Adnan @Johnny


Hey guys, saw some intervention is needed here as this derailed a little.

@bigboss what I’ve learned, and this is true to everything that I did online thus far is that you should take all bad reviews you get and learn from them. Most people won’t care enough to tell you if your idea/service/site is bad or good, if it’s good they’ll use it, if it’s bad they’ll simply skip it and you’ll never know why. As for the ones close to you, they’ll probably say it’s good because they’re close friends, they can’t say anything bad.

So no bad reviews could mean that no one took the time to tell you better and not necessarily that everything is perfect so no one is complaining. On the other hand bad review can be a source of improvement.

That being said, @Arthur you could have said all that in a more tactful way, we’re all here to learn from each other and being in a helpful and understanding environment will benefit everybody.

On the other hand if we switch to stuff like that people will get more interiorised and won’t be as eager to share their experience and ask for or even offer help in the future.

I’d like everybody to be as open as possible, you never know in the future how something @bigboss says can help you get a great idea or connect the dots better.

Hope we can all be friends going forward, I’d say shake hands and move on, but no one around here has any hands to shake online… maybe in 50 year or so, who knows :slight_smile:


Bullseye! Exactly…

Sorr but imo Arthur is right , you need to improve on design. Even some yoomla or sht like that could work for you if investing is not an option. As they say just my 2cents

I appreciate the constructive criticism about the website and I understand that maybe some of you would hesitant to attempt to try and work with it. The next iteration will be professionally done, but for now, it’s what i’ve got.

I did have someone take me up on my offer, so pretty much, topic closed, unless you just REALLY REALLY want a shot at this and can’t go on living without it. As I said, i was really just putting out a feeler to see if it’s a viable option.

If you are here because you yourself are looking for people to post for you, the answer is yes. There are people here that might take commission to do a campaign for you (even if your website is less than perfect.) Feel free to hijack the thread… or I guess to vent your frustrations about ugly websites. :wink:

— topic closed —
You may now feed the trolls.

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Okay, I should have been more tactful. My apologies @bigboss. It wasn’t my intention to offend you. Thanks @Johnny, @100jan, @trueword and @Adnan for helping to sort things out.

My mom always used to tell me, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.

I should have listened to her. :slight_smile: