Are there tricks for unblocking accounts?

Hey guys I am receiving lots of temporary blocks on my accounts atm. My settings are very tame and i’m only following 30-50 people a day over the space of 8-10 hours. I use EB only, minimal actions.

Now, I have a few accounts which do well and have no issues, then I have a few accounts that always get temp action blocks. These usually only last an hour or two. The problem is that the last few days the blocks have not come off two accounts.

I have reset ids, logged in and out on api and EB, rested for 24 hours (now its 48 hours) and still they are not following.

Only thing I can think of is to change the proxy, I just bought a new 4g proxy and was wanting to use it on two new accounts not use it on older ones. hence i’m reluctant.

Any other ideas?

Are they important accounts? It’s probably better just to replace them. If they’re giving you this much trouble now, they’re going to continue to be problematic in the future even if you do manage to get them unblocked.

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Ones definitely a good account. 3000 followers.

Its seems like they are all getting blocked no matter what I do, if the actions go over 30 follows a day. Doesn’t matter what proxy I use, what follow format I use. IG just knows its automation my theory is

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Actually now two more accounts have been blocked. Have 5 on proper blocks now

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What are the settings for taking it back to full api? Havnt been on it for ages so can’t remember exactly

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Have you tried logging in manually and see if you were able to follow? One thing I’ve learned with blocks is time is everything. If an account is really problematic, as in nothing you do is working… dont touch it. Literally, let it sit for 7 day(offline… not connected to proxy)… and when you start it back up, use a different proxy, and reset the device. That should take it back to normal. And then you’ll have to warm up again. You shouldn’t have to do this on all 5 accounts. 48 hours is usually enough… but there are some problematic ones that need the longer wait. Hope that helps.

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Thanks I’ll give it a try. Another guy said to look into digital footprint. I can’t seem to find much on this. DO you know any good resources for learning?

Also do you know how to use a proxy on a phones IG app. I have a cloud android emulator app but don’t know how to change the proxy so that it changes IG too. not just chrome. I’m pretty sure the emulator is rooted

Why do you run the follow tool for only 10 hours? do you run Unfollow tool at different time interval?

If you’re blocked after 48 hours, you should set he accounts to use API full emulation instead of EB. i would suggest you use random actions tool as well to make them look more natural.

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I just got told that you should run the accounts like a real person. So, I Figured most people would only be on around 8-10 hours throughout

Is there specific settings for api or just uncheck EB and check enable full api

give the account 2 days without do anything
reset your ID
contact agine and try doing some fast following
10 follow in one operation
time between each follow 4-15 seconds
and increase it by 10 every day
you can do up to 25 follow for operation
and set time for each operation 66-180 minutes
recommended to use scrape account or a name list
API work fine this days but if it make you trouble switch to EB
and at the beginning don’t do unfollow action
hope its help you my friend good luck :v:

i see your Russian
so i remember it was a good russian guy here
and he makes a good working tutorial for running follow action
i believe you can find it also in YouTube


Thanks Ill give that a shot on one of them!

Nah not russian. Just been getting russian accounts

Whos agine btw?

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sorry didn’t understand?

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It says on your post contact agine

Or do you mean connect again

yes connect again

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Sweet. Tried it yesterday for a round of 10 follows each. Worked perfectly. Will try more when I get home

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Ok. Did one round of 10 on one account and it was fine. Then did another and got blocked after 8

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what is your delay seconds between each follow?

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