Are these good prices for buying a shoutout?

Hey guys, i’m just starting with influencer marketing and have contacted some influencers asking them for their shoutout prices and was wondering if these prices are good and worth it or too expensive maybe?

These are the stats for that influencer account which is in the music niche:

Do you think these prices are worth it for such an account and also which would you say is the best option to buy that will probably bring the best results for the money - eg 6h or 24h post (with link in bio) or story post with swipe up link and so on?
Do story posts with swipe up usually get more views and link clicks compared to regular feed posts with ‘link in bio’ caption or vice versa?

I have never seen an Influencer sell shoutouts prices like a page. Plus their engagement is pretty garbage given the fact influencers should have higher engagement rates than repost pages.

Regardless 24 hours for story/post is usually your best bet. Try to negotiate most pages/influencers are willing to negotiate if they know you’re going to buy.

Also if you’re selling something the Influencer should promote it in physical sense (actually interacting with it not just reposting)

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Ok i see. So would you say these prices are a bit high in this case?
And from your experience do story posts with swipe up usually get more views and link clicks compared to regular feed posts with ‘link in bio’ in the caption?
Cause both of these 2 options (24h post with link in bio & story with swipe up) cost the same in this case ($40) so i was wondering which option is the best if trying to sell a service?

You will not gain anything from this. Run away


post>story if the same price 10/10

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In most of the cases shoutouts are waste of money, just send me message and I will push some followers, likes, views, comments your way :rofl:

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So what you guys are saying is that a shoutout from this specific account/influencer isn’t worth it cause it has low engagement rate etc or that imfluencer marketing in general isn’t worth it?
And if the latter, what are some better alternative options/methods that you suggest i should look into instead to grow my business and increase sales of my services?

I thought that influencer marketing was one of the best methods from what i’ve read on this forum and online in general but are you saying that this is not the case anymore and if so what other options/methods would you recommend?

IMHO There are only 2 ways on how influencer marketing can work today.

  1. Pay huge influencers (expensive)
  2. Work with tons of micro-influencers (time consuming/expensive)

Anything in between is hit or miss.

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My plan was basically to buy shoutouts from influencers that have from at least 10K up to 100K or so followers and good engagement rate.
Do you have any tips on what i should be looking for eg what is a good engagement rate percentage and how much is an average price i would be looking at per shoutout?
Eg say i find an influencer that has 100K followers and 5% engagement rate what would be an average/ok price he could charge me for a 24h post with link in bio that would be worth it?
Or would you recommend i should focus on a completely different method for better results, but if so what would that be? Would i get better results by paying for IG ads?

Any suggestions?

Followers and engagement rate is pretty much irrelevant, as most influencers have paid to increase both.

If you don’t know how to tell the real numbers from the fake numbers then it’ll be really hard to judge their actual influence and how much you should pay for it.

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Can you check your PM pls?

To answer your question, post shoutouts always outperform story ones. If his engagement is like 2% for posts, he probably doesn’t get more than 1000 story views anyways.

Also, if you can haggle multiple shoutouts instead of just one that increases your odds of making something back from it. (ie. for little higher price get 4 posts in 24 hours instead of one because sponsored posts have lower reach than normal ones so his audience won’t see it unless it’s very recent)

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It really depends on the size and the specific account.

An offer that isn’t irresistable or relevant will just not perform well

What’s the @ ?
What’s the offer/goal?

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Wether your goal is getting followers or sales, I would advice you to invest $300 per month in story ads and grow your account with targeted followers from Tier 1 and 2 countries. This is what I´ve been doing and with correct approach it is definitely the best way to drive traffic to website or to get followers.

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