Are You a Part of TikTok's Educational Creators and TikTok LIVE Creator?

Hi guys,

I have questions?
Is any of you here growing your TikTok organically?
Meaning, you are posting consistently, you are gaining views and like and getting followers?

I am not selling any service for TikTok. I belong to two groups in TikTok in my country- 1. Educational Content Creator and 2. TikTok Top Live Creators Group. All of these are being managed by TikTok itself in where I came from.

#2 Question: Are you already a part of TikTok’s Creator Marketplace? As you all know, this is by invite only when you reach 10K followers on TikTok. I am a part of it and would like to know if anyone of you here is in the program?

#3. When you go LIVE on TikTok, do you already have access to “Cast on Mac and PC” where you can use OBS to Go LIVE on TikTok?

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