Are you allowed to Follow/Unfollow?

I recently was on Fiverr. I seen a level 2 seller with 380 5 star reviews and 0 negative reviews who says she uses this method. Does this not get you in trouble? Her customers have graphs on their reviews that shows that they get results, etc.

Just checking in with some of the experts here.


It’s possible. It is against Instagram’s terms. A lot of people use Follow/Unfollow to grow. Depends how the work is done.

F/UF is definitely not allowed by Instagram and anyone who says its 100% compliant/safe shouldn’t be managing clients.

Automation is gray/black within Instagram and its highly likely you won’t get bans if done incorrectly but theres always a risk.

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Everyone can printscreen or even photoshop and create a buyer account and pretend its all fine, its against IG ToS (Terms of Service) so anyone who say its safe its BS anyway.