Are you experiencing a Twitter ban today?

Hello everyone!

Curious if everyone is experiencing a Twitter ban wave of some sort today?

All my Twitter accounts are on fire!

Love to hear whats going on. Thank you!

I got one of my aged accounts suspended today. Had to confirm I wasn’t a robot and put a number in to verify. I suggest lowering your follows down since they changed things up a bit.

Twitter recently lowered their follow limits down to 400, see tweet:

What sort of bans are you experiencing with Twitter? Curious if they’re just follow bans or other types as well.

Had 80% of my accounts ask for a password change. All of a sudden in a single day.

I’ll know the extent of the issue tomorrow when I sit down in front of MP.

That’s… that’s not a ban… A ban (at least I’d say) is when they suspend your account and refuse to unsuspend it…

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Yes, many problems with Twitter recently, but I suspect my proxies, more than my settings or the accounts by themselves.

Testing new proxies from 2 different sources right now to see if it helps.

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