Are you interested in any Courses?

Hi All! if anyone is interested in any courses just pm me!
i have almost all courses…just ask

What category of courses, also is this an attempt to sell?

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Why PM? If you really would like to help, just share the link!

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Now you got all kind of courses… Are you offering them for free or are you running a business in your pm?
Cause businesses shall go through the market place. Under the supervision of @Adnan

hahah, put him under arrest :joy:

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ahaha no. it’s not funny

so please modify the category to marketplace

I can’t brother, cause I do not have the privileges to. It’s up to the moderators to do. You can ask them how it is done. I got no clue. I just am aware that you can’t offer any products here outside the market place and the moderators shall approve it first, as I remember reading it.

@Adnan based on previous answers of the OP he is selling courses through his PM? I am not sure and will Close the thread for now.

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If you wanna share something, feel free to post download links here.


so you selling them ?? If yes why cant you just say that, instead of going around in circles. Also @Adnan permission is needed.

Do you have Imans course?