Are you Losing IG Followers?

Hey has anyone been losing IG followers since last Wednesday Feb 7 2018?

We have lost probably 10% of our followers since then. Not sure why. It is across multiple accounts. Been doing the same thing for years, no changes.


Hello, not a lot. But what I have been losing is - A LOT of Engagement! I have now just 25-50% of my likes I used to have :frowning:


Instagram has been starting to thin the herd of inactive accounts across the platform. They are really trying not to get caught up in the scandals that Twitter went through because of the large numbers of fake accounts.

Originally they would do mass deletions which would have some influencers losing 1k-20k followers in the course of 24 hours, but now Instagram does this on more of a rolling basis.

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Well the accounts I have are very active (manually and with automation)…

He’s talking about the inactive accounts that follow you. Those are getting deleted!

Ah, ok - that sounds legit. But then I would have lost engagement AND followers. And I only lost a TON of engagement and just a few (under 100 (@160K Account)

The engagement losses can be from a variety of issues. Without some more specific info its hard to pinpoint right now but in an effort to help here is what I normally do.

There is essentially a funnel that you can use to see where the problem lies.

Start with posts from the last 2-3 weeks and check the numbers.

What is your reach? Impressions? likes and comments?

If you have high impressions and low reach that means you are being seen by the same few people a bunch of times so then you know you need to get more unique eyes on your posts to drive more engagement.

Or you could have high reach and low likes which normally indicated a disconnect between audience and content…because they are seeing it but choosing not to engage.

One of my new favorite Instagram metrics is seeing what % of your engagement comes from your followers, this is a clear indication of where your engagers are coming from. If that percentage is low then you know you must’ve been on explore pages or found by non-followers in other ways. If its high that means that the majority of your engagement is coming from you page’s followers.

Hope that helps - if you want to share some stats I would love to give more specific answers!


Thats because of the way Instagram happen to set their algorithm. Its messed up now

Ok, thank you for your answer!

I would like to add that it might be due to inactive followers if you have decent content that should connect with your audience but despite high reach, the engagement still appears to be very low. Correct me if I am wrong, thanks!