Are you using API or EB to bot on instagram?

Hi there,

I’m just creating this little thread as the mega thread has been moved to level 2, rip D:

I’m curious how people are working on their accounts now after all the blocks and stuff.

Personally I’m still using EB to F/UF, Like. with a 100 actions per day limit and around 8 per hour. But even with these low settings i’m getting temp blocks almost daily.

Are you still getting blocks? Or what did you change to prevent this?

I’m only getting PV’s on some devices that lead to shadowbans, and after the end of shadowban I get new PV and so on.
Fresh devices work well without any problem, just lower than usual engagement.
No follow blocks: 185 follows/ day.
Do you use mobile proxys or datacenter?

Currently i’m using my personal wifi for 1 account, and for 2 other accounts I use high proxies DC, just to test which ones get blocked, and for now it doesn’t matter which IP i use, all of them get blocked.

99% of my accounts are working perfectly, No PV/EV either. 3 accounts are getting random 1 hour temp blocks on follow and random short action blocks on like (same problematic accounts). I’ll switch up the proxy and see if that’s the issue.

To prevent:

  1. Clear cookies on all affected accounts
  2. Make sure keep account valid after proxy change is checked
  3. (Optional) - switch to a new proxy if they have been problemeatic for a while
  4. Rest for 48 hours
  5. Start F/U only with a warmup
  6. After another 48 hours, start like with a warmup (if F/U is working fine)
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I have a question, after getting PV do you wait with F/ UF until the shadowban is lifted or you don’t care about that and just stop posting?

I have only ever had 1 PV about 8 months ago, and it was 100% my fault! I would wait with all tools turned off for 48 hours to be safe.

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I will try this, thank you. I will request new proxies and if those don’t work I will switch to residential/4g proxies

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FYI, I am using both 4g and DC

you see any difference between the two?

What proxy you using?

4g is HC, DC is not publicly available

and do you notice any difference in ban rate?

Which provider?

I prefer using API, if API blocked, change to use EB. But maybe It gets some risks more than choose one.

So for now to sum everything up.

  1. No clear difference between using DC, residential or 4g proxies, just make sure when you get a lot of bans, to switch up the proxy.
  2. No clear difference between EB or API, both still getting some bans but way less then before, and with good warm up and safe settings it should work fine again.
  3. If you get blocked a lot, pause all actions for a few days, and try again with a very slow warmup and new proxies.