Are you using API? READ THIS

If so, hold off on using story views and shares as its not ready to be used. Won’t go into detail on the public forum, but its discussed in the higher levels already.

Just letting the lower level people know and save them some captcha!

Keep smashing it!


Yes, i got EV over 300 accounts when using watching stories function.
that too hard.

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Yeah dont use that tool on api or story shares atm.

just to remind. comment also will highly get EV too

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the follows and likes are looking unstable too, i believe, the eb is working great for me but when using api rn facing challenges.

Follows and likes are fine for me on api. 100-150 a day

Honestly i received more TB by using the API only, im back to EB (not Only EB but regular EB with API)
I make few test and while API get block EB works correctly without any issues, so i decided to swap

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I noticed that also but then realized its proxies that create the blocks. Not API.
But whatever works for you, is best!

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I dont use any Proxy only (real) 4G sim

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That is still a proxy lol, unless you run as hotspot… If you run more than one account on it that could be why.

Yes but i think its not a cheaper one, and 4G proxy are reccomended for more than 15 accounts, actually im running 5 master account and 20 or more scrapers, not issue at all for years; just after i decide to come back to API for the capcha issue.

Yeah I was running my own 4G farm and I got issues because I live i a small city and the ip pool isn’t large. So, had lots of banned ips. Changed to a supplier and have less issues now.

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Something is definitely going on as my entire network was halted by EV/PVs and one account got disabled. If you experience of these issues any in your network, definitely slow it down or stop completely. Save yourself the full time job (if you are managing over 30 accounts) of unlocking them all manually.

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Thank you bro!

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I use the “stop accounts if…” feature. But sometimes it doesn’t save them all. Are you putting multiple accounts on the same proxy?

@heroeslair hi any update of the api to watch stories ? is there have new update or discuss in the higher levels? Thanks mate

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Nah, I think its planned, but no word when it will be out

Do you think that some logic will be changed related to the Story viewer, because I haven’t heard anything regarding this? Also, I haven’t noticed any issues recently with using Story viewer on API.

idk , i was using 300+ account to watch stories last week then all got EV. then i read this post and heroslair faced this problem too

Check the api discussion thread in VIP Lounge, mentioned there a few times. Not a good idea to publicly talk about the insides of JV and MP. So, won’t mention it here.