Are you using chatbot?

are you guys using chatbot for instagram?
what are you using?

Why would you?
I know FB accounts which use them but the Chatbots are still pretty bad. And since you can automate messages there is no real need for it.
What did you want to use it for?

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Interesting question that could be something fb is developing for use natively for biz profiles…

The same way as on FB messenger bots

I can see why it’s so powerful to use : multiple points of contact for every follower leads to more visibility for you, your content, your offers, etc

They already proved to have significantly more open rates than email.

Rule of thumb with chat bots:
always ask permission before sending links.

I don’t know of any “smart” automated IG chatbots unfortunately.

An alternative is (ideally you already have a FB messenger chatbot ready to go) to just send them to your Messenger chatbot.

Does that help bud?


bots & automation is completely illegal against IG ToS. I would advise not to conduct this type of behavior. You could potentially land in jail.

Good Luck.


Like @SwagWaffle said, I wouldn’t recommend using Instagram chatbot. Because Instagram’s Algorithm will recognize if you answer every question too fast…

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Any bot of value is usually a custom one. I’ve been putting a few out there that pull and push API data to do some clever things but out of the box they won’t do anything but this is why they’re expensive unless you use a basic conversation service with very limited functions

You are right about automation and using the same answer, but there may be some space for this, IG itself has an option for “pre-made” replies, which are used by most decent size page who keep contact with their clients, which are almost always the same. So there may be a way to work for this.

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This is something Instagram has for now.

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