Are You Wanting To Give Up?


Thanks BrandonBerner, your words are really inspiring…
I’ve made many mistakes in my FacebookMarketing career and I never stop learning.
One year ago, when Facebook increased its hunt, I got all my profiles banned and I lost much money but I DIDN’T GIVE UP. The mass-ban gave me a great strength to work 12h/day and re-build my little activity.
#neverstop .


Thank you for that thread, “Big Double B” / :b::b: :slight_smile:

May I ask you, @BrandonBerner, as well as @Bobby8890, @wortime, @MojoJojo and @Adnan :slight_smile: :

how long are you now "in the game"? Or: how long does it take for an average IG newbie to make the first dollars if he starts today, what do you think?

You guys seem to be very successful and I am sure, having the info. how long you are already “in” would be another motivation for most people here.


How long have I been in the IG game? Click on my profile and see the date I joined the forum, this is more or less when I started.

How long have I been in the IM game? Been doing it full time since 2009.

How long does it take the average newbie to make a dollar? I would say no less than 3 months of full time IG work.


Serious? That’s some pull man!


Glad to be able to help :slight_smile:

The link for the accounts - if you scroll down and look carefully, you are gonna find a few IG sources in the sea of other accounts. Or, just use the search function on your browser. They are there, just not that obvious.


Honestly, over the past 6 months is when I really put my main focus on IG. I’ve been running bots and growing accounts for myself and some of my buddies for pure narcissistic reasons since 2012.

I’ve been hustling for years though…when I was a sophomore in high school I borrowed $1800 from my uncle, skipped school and stood in line at Best Buy for 3 days just to get 3 PS3’s to sell on eBay and made $1500.

When I was 19 I bought myself a Lexus from money I made selling penis pumps fro alibaba lol! I even had my mom helping me package them and fullfull orders when I was deployed to Afghanistan, I still managed to run my business from a 3rd world country.

I’ve made most of my money doing Amazon FBA, which I still do, but I’ve grown tired of the physical and time consuming work of packaging/labeling/finding products for it. I haven’t bought products in months but still have a ton of inventory selling that brings in a few hundred dollars a month.

I don’t do cpa so I can’t speak on that but I’ve grown pretty profficient at building accounts to large numbers within a matter of weeks. MP has helped immensely of course and has pretty much made it simple as pie after these last couple of updates. I don’t like growing the accounts too big because I’ve found it’s easier to sell $75-150 accounts to the masses rather then selling $500-1000 to a select few.

I’ll do my best to contribute more here, I usually spend most of my time on BHW because I’ve been there so long.


Thank you very much for the insights, very interesting (especially your beginnings and the “pumps business” :slight_smile:).

I saw the screenshots of your “increasing followers” and the payment you are receiving. I think most of us could learn damn a lot from you. If you have any advices, its always very welcome.
Or if you can recommend any threads of you or others in the BHW forum, that might help, please feel free to share. “Sharing is caring” :slight_smile:

You are one of the guys here who are “pure motivation”! :grinning:

                        Get Rich Or Die Trying

Work hard and smart, if yall want a “Bettter” life you need to keep grinding, no one is forcing ya’ll, if working hard ain’t for you y’all can get a 9-5 in ToysRus

Yung Buck’s Official Law Departments Disclaimer

Having more money doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to have a better life, many rich old depressed people and many, poor happy people (*IMO, the reason for this is because poor people appreciate more)

if working hard ain’t for you y’all can get a 9-5 in ToysRus

Not to say people working a 9-5 don’t work hard, there are many people who work 9-5 to save up them Yung Bucks then hustle when working, I rate that dawg.


Repsect ! I will quit when i lie to the ground… DEad.3k per day or death.


Don’t forget this process is also managing and the $.Because depressed can make damages , overhappy also.You can lose everything if you make enough and think your mind is tough when it has become a pillow…because of the $


IDK why but this guy makes me wanna puke. Sure he’s “inspirational” but he annoys the hell out of me.


Don’t hate on Gary Vee :slight_smile: He can be quite annoying but he has done some amazing things. If you listen to some of his talks from 5 year ago, he had a crystal ball. Most of what he said will happen in social media, happened.

If you go past the “in yo face” attitude, his stuff is pure gold.


Advice Taken, Heard he was a guru but i like to think that the people on here who help me are the real guru’s XD but I do need to expand my horizons sooner or later. IG wont be here forever.


I actually finally found them last night and a few other sites as well. I tried to order from the one you suggested via my CC but it said my card is in a country that is not “allowed” (USA). I’m trying a few other sources though. Thanks again for your help!


I did not like him the first time I watched and still don’t … He comes of a bit rude to me however I still watch his " Ask Garry " series since there is a lot of value in them :slight_smile:


seriously? hmm, guess I’ll start watching them then… Yeah he seems a bit full of himself/cocky in a way definitely rude in general.



For about 6 months I went all in on Gary. Great practitioner, and great motivator for some. You either love him or hate him. For me, I loved him but then got burned out on him. It’s just the same old shit said 12 different ways, over… and over… and over… and over.

One day I started watching a new video from him (which I had been watching every video up to that point) and he started in with his “odds of being a human being” routine again (which by this point I’ve heard at least dozen times and was over it the 1st time) and I just shut off the video and no longer pay attention to him. I get it.

I just got burned out. #hustle #doshit #10secondclub



Been using MassPlanner since September 2016.

Been growing IG accounts since summer of 2015 using other automation software, and manual work.

Currently have 12 accounts now with over 1m followers (real not purchased)

My accounts tend to make their first $1 after a week of creation. So as long as you have a good CPA or Affiliate offer, its should be pretty easy.

The hard part is getting hit with speed bumps along the way. You will need to learn the loopholes, or methods to bypass these speed bumps. Some examples are, finding the right phone numbers to verify your account, the right proxies, the right domains and correct hosting etc.

What I have found is that people are not creative enough, or do not use strategy when promoting their accounts. For example, if you are trying to sell face cream. dont post pictures of face cream! There is nothing interesting about that, so no one will follow you. Instead post makeup tutorials since lots of girls love these accounts. Even though the niche is different, your audience is still targeted since all girls who wear makeup all want to have good looking skin and no wrinkles.


Haha, I got some better coupon codes coming :smiley:

I have been pulling my rank on the forum, and have written a very good message which I have sent to as many proxy providers I can find. Since I run many business myself, I know what businesses like, and I have made sure to outline all the benefits I can bring to their company. They would be dumb not to provide me with a coupon code.

I even got some exclusive coupon codes from providers who dont have any coupon codes anywhere including BHW :smiley: