Are You Wanting To Give Up?

Almost every day I am getting PM’s from those who are ready to give up on Social Media Marketing, since its to difficult, or they are not making good profits.

I want to let you guys know, that you CAN make it, and you just need to be patient. Spend time learning from your mistakes, and move on. Sure there will be more mistakes to come, however with each mistake comes an expansion of knowledge until you can master whatever you are trying to achieve. Sometimes learning the hard way is the best way to learn since you are unlikely to make the same mistake ever again.

There are only so many mistakes you can make. Instead of looking at a mistake like…Dammit! another mistake! think of it as WEHOO! one step closer to not making as many mistakes

If you don’t know something, ASK, there is a community here who want to help. If you need motivation, set small goals for yourself that can be achieved within a week, and treat yourself to something once you reach your goal. Each time, make your goal slightly harder.

Here is an amazing video to inspire you to keep working your ass off!

If you have some advice for people ready to give up, feel free to comment below.


Here it is: get off any forums (including this one) for 10 days and work for 8 - 12 hours each day implementing what you already know. See what the result is and take it from there.

The online space is filled with people making 100K a day (or so they say), which makes you feel like an idiot, because you are not there (yet).

The online space is also filled with people who tried once, failed, as expected, and came online to wine about it - which makes you feel like “see, it is hard, other people are failing too”.

Either way, you lose.

Do the work, let the results speak for themselves.

If it doesn’t work out, that’s fine. For every Facebook, there are millions of founders that didn’t make a billion-dollar company. That doesn’t mean you are not going to be successful. It just means you need to switch gears and try something new / different.


This is 100000% true and before i seen this video I knew this.

How this apply to internet marketers: If you DM people on a social media platform lets say IG. You dm 100 people a day. You will get sales for sure (depending on how well you target and talk to them). Then you might think let me increase this reach 100 more people. You will get more sales but what you will find is your working too hard & not smart. Social platform can disappear tomorrow and your income is in jeopardy. You will find yourself capped at lets say $100 a day and your just trying to break out the bubble. SO u keep making accounts and realize your working 15 hours a day. (NOT SMART)

This is why I recommend for every niche to do their best collecting emails instead of going for sales right away. Its just so many reasons why email marketing is still the best in 2017. (IF DONE CORRECTLY) email marketing took me a long time to fully master. But now I can literally do nothing and make money so it is rewarding.

Also Thank god for the internet these days Ill never do a real world sales job ever again!


Well now that you put it this way… I give up! AGAIN. :grinning:

Joking - though I have thought to quit many times out of frustration, but it’s this theory that keeps me going… that, and I’m not a quitter, though I do get super depressed and mad. Everybody has personality flaws, I guess.

Keep grinding smart and you’ll eventually hit gold, or win your $5 scratch off lottery ticket, or slot machine win. It all depends on your personal endurance.


Whenever you feel down, just think that there are people out there that didn’t even tried.You are not one of them because you failed and that means you tried.
Keep failing till you find the right thing that fits you and make that fails be just things that will endorse your skills.


I wish what you are saying is true, but it’s not. It’s easy to say if you’ve figured it all out and have been successful at it.

I’m new here, technically adept as a software developer since I was a kid (I’m in my late 40s). I have an incredible understanding of software, hardware, the Internet, protocols, and everything in-between.

I research things for a long time before bothering others with questions, including searching this forum, Google, and other places. At a certain point, I have to ask the question and while it may seem old hat to people here, I feel like I shouldn’t have bothered to ask to begin with.

I’ve probably spent a week solid (day and night) working on this and learning a lot (that is, after months of research and real world practice), but I’m at the point of frustration where I just feel like it was a complete waste of time. I wish motivational videos and posts would help answer my questions, but they don’t :slight_smile:


There are members here (including me) that spend years researching, working on projects ( that we donțt know if they are good or bad) with the urge of giving up, but frustration is an main part of all of this that keep us going.

Knowledge is not a waste of time!


That’s the problem with this “game” is that it’s not necessarily logical or even comparable to writing code.

There a lot of human variables that you cannot predict or “make” happen. Sometimes it takes a little bit of luck, hell, probably often. However, that’s not to say you can’t make it work over time, and that, I guess is the message. If you keep at it, eventually something will kick in… but you can’t expect it overnight.

It’s undoubtedly discouraging to see people who appear to become successful overnight, or always lucky, and I’m sure some do and are, but for the most part it’s probably a slow process or there’s much more going on behind the scenes that you simply don’t know about that lead to their success.

No matter how much research you do, no matter how many steps you follow, settings you copy, sources you research, hashtags you master, you still may not reach what you’re expecting in a certain period of time - but you will have an advantage over those who don’t, so just keep trying until you’ve built the social engineering AI of your dreams.

I know I’m still struggling to build mine out of green coffee beans and harvested yeast cultures… and I’m mad on a daily basis, but yet I keep going.


@exod That is true. I updated my original post because the way I wrote it made it sound like I just started doing this a week ago. I’ve been playing around with social media back when they were called dial up bulletin-boards, so I’m no stranger to the space. Been hitting social media (FB, T, IG, G+, Pinterest, Tumblr) hard for years now. For the past few months I’ve been mainly focusing on IG growth tactics. This all came to a head a few weeks ago when I invested in a VPS, MP, and went hardcore. Now I feel like I know so much, but still hitting roadblocks and some answers just aren’t there… or conflict with one another.

@ian, it is definitely the long game. Patience. I get that. I’m just trying to get to the point where I can sit back and not just let the MP machine do its thing, but tweak and perfect so that in 6 months to a year I will be where I want it to be. Biggest frustrations right now are dealing with shitty proxies and how to deal with PV nonsense from IG (SMS) and now Twitter (voice). Frankly, I’m downright scared to touch anything in fear of losing accounts I’ve been building for 5 or 6 years. Or wasting time trying to create new IG accounts that will be banned immediately by IG and I don’t have a way to do PV because I’ve exhausted family cell phones. I know I’ll figure it out… finding answers can be frustrating because finding the RIGHT answers are a needle in a haystack to me right now.

Your not the only one we all been there and hopefully You learn from situations like this. Thats why I preach email marketing. The inconsistency of social media is crazy. Just get good at getting leads from social media and converting them into buyers through email marketing.


Hope this helps with some of the frustration:

Proxies I use (not affiliated).

They have their issues, but 95% of the time everything works fine. Haven’t had any PVs related to proxies since I’ve been using them.

Get some sims from the market place.

Source 1

Source 2

Buy yourself some aged accounts and experiment with those. They cost a few bucks year, unless you are doing CPA. Test, test and test some more. Burn a few. Figure out what works for you and your niches and put that to use for your main accounts.




@SwagWaffle, time has proven you’re right. Sadly I just started not to long ago collecting email addresses and that is even a longer game than the social media marketing game… but can pay off for years and years even after 10 social media platforms have come and gone!

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@MojoJojo, first off I love your profile pic/name. My daughter used to watch the Powerpuff girls all the time. I love that little guy. Ok, back to work.

Thank you for the non-aff link :slight_smile: I’ve heard of that one before but haven’t looked into it. Your PV testimonial means a lot to this guy…

Also thank you for the Source 2 link. I haven’t read that page yet (I’ve read Source 1 a few times and have too many questions still).

Your aged accounts link goes to a site to buy email accounts, but it sounds like you’re talking about buying aged IG accounts. I have purchased 4 of those over the past few months and they are working extremely well. Email accounts isn’t a huge issue for me at this time.

Thanks for responding to my cries for help :sunglasses:

@sourmash If you choose to go with Mojojojo’s proxy recommendation, You can use the coupon code “BrandonBerner” at checkout and save 5% recurring.

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Great advice!

Although i don’t think the law of average relates to the point of the post (hardwork = knowledge, while the video just says hardwork = someone will give you money through statistics and it’s not related to knowledge which can boost your chances massively).

I’m still struggling with Instagram & facebook but today in the morning i was reviewing some 1 year old e-mails and it’s funny how 1 year ago i was starving and making about 1 sale per month (literally i remember going 2 weeks eating half a week, transcribing sheet music for pennies :_) ) and last month i averaged 50 sales. It’s crazy to think how much i’ve progressed.

Obviously i’m decided to do the same with IM and with your helpful posts guys it will be way faster for sure!


This is awesome. Personal story:

I recently lost an assload of clients who I was helping with Instagram. I hired some guys to do some lead collection for me. Collected 1,700 emails, and sent out only 60.

I nailed one of my best clients who is now continuing to funnel most of my business to me.

@MojoJojo said it best, get your ass off the internet and go work for a couple of days. You’d be surprised how much knowledge you’ve accumulated to excel yourself!


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Everything here is said nicely and right to a certain point. I do social networking for about three years now and had changing success. There were times I made 3000 USD a month over a couple of month and there were lot of month I made hardly anything. Rapidly changing social networks is one of the major issies why it got hard to earn money. And at some point you must consider your costs:
A short example:
Dedicated Server: 59 $ p.m
Proxies: 50$ p.m.
Webspace: 30$ p.m
MP licence: 20$ p.m
Internet costs: 40$ p.m (dependng where you are based)
SIM cards: 10$ p.m (you need more but I break it down to an avarage)

So your total costs per month are: 209 USD per month, costs which you also have when " you keep on trying and finding new ways".

So to cover a year (fiscally), your yearly costs are on average about 2500 $. Now comes the question you must ask yourself, “Do I even cover the costs?” So when we calculate it the “real worlds way”, we must add to the costs power, your food, clothing and your work force. Let’s assume you work 40 hours a week (like in an ordinary job), makes 160 a month, times 12 month, 1920 hours a year. So if you want to earn 5 $ an hour which is low, but just to use an example, and if you are self employed, to have net 5 $, you need to make around 10$, so you need to earn yearly about 19500 USD, to have a net income 9600 $ (800$ p.m). (not consider VAT, income tax, health care).

So now think about yourself and where you are in the equation. I do not say it i not possible, but those are things you need to calculate as well. Just something to think about from a guy that is now for more than 30 years in real world business.

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