Arguments For and Against using

I want to hear all your feedback please.

A few members have told me to sign up and try it as it’s easier than storing SIM cards and Phone codes are instant :thinking:

Do you get to keep the phone number you use ? :unamused:

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no. so 12 other spammers can get the same nr. you want to be related to them? Then use smspva :wink:


Not receiving codes using EE uk sims anymore,
What network do u use mate?

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i use my own simcards, locals.

you can try @kraadnc his service


Thanks, man for dropping this nugget out, learn something new and super useful every day from you guys. Even just being a lowly Lvl1 if you pay attention all you gurus drop a gold nug almost every day:smile:


just participate, help some others be active. then you will be lvl2 soon and then you are off to go!!!


first is cheaper in the long run, since you only pay once, and is safer.
I would go to those sites only for very short lasting and spammy accounts.

I second this. SpeedyVerify is amazing.


Yeah, if you want real SIMs allocated to you only, but don’t want to handle them then go with SpeedyVerify.

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To get a U.S. number for PV in the U.S. smspva is very expensive. If you have to PV all the time, it gets expensive fast, but it can be quicker.

If you buy SIMS, the numbers are dedicated and you don’t have to worry about them.

The more you PV the cheaper the SIMs get. And it’ll be the same number attached to the same account every time. Only when an account gets banned do you need new SIMs.

TL;DR smspva works if you need a trial run, very few PVs or don’t care as much about the quality of the account/number.

Speedy verify you have a dedicated number.

If you own the SIMs it’s cheaper, the account has higher trust, but it’s slower and more work.

I buy SIMs


Also, it’s really tempting to just go the easier and cheaper route of using methods like that which can work for some people, but I’ve found it catches up at some point. Like I have old established bought accounts which used SMSPVA or GetSMSCode and they’ve been run with that for some time so they must have some good trust and so it causes no issues. But on the other hand, when buying accounts in recent times they have had troubles (for others also, mostly due to account quality to begin with) so quicker methods like buying accounts, although easier than manual, can end up wasting you time and money. And so pairing poor SIMs like SMSPVA with already poor accounts won’t help. Same kind of thing. But I still just use those automated services on the ones which have already used them (I don’t really know how often they get PV’d anymore as I don’t see it happen), and then new ones I’ll be doing manual with SIMs I have coming.

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This sums it up well. I particularly enjoyed that the “TL;DR” wasn’t really shorter than the first bit, ha ha :grin:

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I’ve had a rough week and a few drinks. :man_shrugging:

And it’s like, 4 words shorter


Look at this way. You’ve got a shit ton of other shit you have to worry about.

This virtually eliminates the problem of worrying about numbers, although everyone is having this various non-reporting codes problem at the moment. I’m not having that problem so I can’t really relate to it.

The first thing in my ‘make-shit-run-smooth’ stack is looking at processes that take up time and figuring out what can I automate. This eliminates that one big headache that would really turn me off with all this social shit.

Sure you gotta sit in queue every now in then but that’s really no big deal as you’ve always got more to do.