Artifical bans, losing all hope

Hello all. Around 2-3 weeks ago I created a thread on how my personal got banned due to using it for testing some scraping features.

It is still banned and I made peace with that, submitting appeals now and then.

1 Week before the ban, early january, I created a babe page that I was buying a lot of ads for, and I was accepting around 1k daily. Everything was doing just fine, ( I was using a safe auto acceptor because I was private, which accepts like 1 request a minute ).

After a few days that my personal was banned, my babe page got banned as well, for the same reason, artifical ban (which doesn’t make any sense?) All reasons besides artificial make sense to be honest (sexual, TOS , whatever…)

I have no clue why this happened, maybe because I am using the same phone device? But the device also has 5 more accounts which are still alive.

Anyways, I made peace with the second ban as well. Made another babe page just yesterday! This time I used an aged PVA account, to make sure it won’t get banned.

Well guess what, I bought my first 2 promos, didn’t even have the chance to accept the requests today, and boom, banned. I’m 99% sure it’s an artificial ban, the account is currently on a 24 hour review. We’ll see tomorrow.

What should I do? Why do they keep getting banned? As I have mentioned I have more accounts on my phone but they are alive just fine?

I’m just so sad, I have lost around $1.2k in promotions, and also my personal account…

Sorry for you loss mate.

You should definitely not put all your eggs in the same device. If you do so, you should consider into getting some advices / coaching from someone who actually knows things about fingerprints, because I’m pretty sure you are leaving many all the way around, and thus your accounts got linked. I personally don’t offer such consultations,

There is a lot of knowledge to get into that stuff, so make sure you’re actually know what you’re doing to avoid these surprises again

Check with these guys, maybe they can help: