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Post “#VictoryOverInstagram” and send a screenshot to live support to receive a 5$ initial top-up bonus.

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Thread approved. Good luck with the sales!


Looking to use your service.


Please let our live chat support staff know once you topped up your balance :slight_smile:

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Tried contacting your Live Chat Support but for some reason a new window or chat doesn’t open.

I’ll try it again. Also, I do have to pay 19.99$/month to use this 5$ top up or it can be used separately.

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The monthly fee is required because we employee real people :slight_smile:

PM me your ISP details so I can check if you are maybe blocked by the system.

We currently have 2 staff members in the live chat system online :sweat_smile:

Alright, I’m not sure if I should post a detail here. I recently signed up here. Will have to figure out if there is a PM system here and I’ll send you a PM. :slight_smile:

There is. I will send you a request.

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Working again? :sweat_smile:


As long as Instagram allows appeals, yes :slight_smile:

Our system was running automated in the initial launch phase, but since we see a shift to harder verification requirements, we decided to switch to a human workforce to be more future proof and be able to deliver the same quality of service.

Is it possible to use this service if I don’t know the email associated with the disabled account and the account’s password?

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The way it is currently designed, yes.

You could just resell the service for a couple thousand dollars (which some of our customers do) and the person you are selling to would never find out.

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This is a very promising thread and the only one which I liked from all the mpsocial threads.

1.What is the guarantee rate that the account gets recovered?
2.Can you recover accounts if the username is changed by a hacker or in some case?
3.Can you recover accounts without knowing the email and phone number?

Basically what you are paying for is taking the manual work over for you. We do not apply any magic tricks, besides best practice to ensure your account can be unbanned as fast as possible. Some will be unbanned on the first day, others might take months or a year.

That is not part of this service, sorry :slight_smile:



That’s such a great idea. :grinning: I thought it was not possible to appeal without knowing the username and the password because I kept getting this error when I appealed by filling out the form directly (not through the app).

I guess this depends on the country where the form was submitted from.

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It depends on quite a lot of things, to be honest. And even if you do everything right, some accounts are locked. Normally if that happens we issue are refund. If people go to the live chat first, our staff can tell you if there is a chance to get it unbanned or not.

It is a heavy personalized and “face-to-face” service after all. Not automation is being used for getting your account unbanned. That makes it personal and not really “blockable” by Instagram.


Glad to see this thread, @HenryCooper

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I have nearly $10 left stuck on my account from when you had this service going before, yet it still asks me to add $20 or whatnot, how can I just use my credit?

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To get access to our staff processing your requests, we have a monthly subscription. It includes processing one account. So if you top up 10$ more it will automatically activate your subscription.