Artist Growth Experts

Hey guys, is there anyone here managing artists and musicians social media? I would love to link with some people and talk about artist growth/management. You dont need to be the expert i just needed 20 characters :smile:

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LOL. Yeah hmu. I work with a ton of rappers.


Could I pm you as well bc I’m trying to start a social media marketing agency for musicians and maybe a pr firm

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i just sent you a message :love_letter:

i sent you a pm

I work with dance music artists

I do, I currently have 15 musicians on my Angency. PM any questions.

I’m working with musicians as well, anybody still doing it in 2020?

I would like to but its not working as it used to, if anyone would like to suggest anything or help me just shoot me a dm

What methods are you using? M/S or main account only? And are you just following or doing more? And which sources do you use?

Tbh im not even doing it for a couple of months, my sources were pretty good but all my artists started getting warnings and things like that, i even used proxies since the start and was listening to people from mpsocial about the pauses between the actions and about warmup time

Automation is still alive but you need to put the time and efforts to make it works

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i’m also looking for information please pm me anyone

I have been promoting Singers, Actors & others in the entertainment biz for 5 years now

Feel free to contact me if you are needing help growing your artist page


Put several artists from the golden middle to top in small and mid sized countries. Hit me up


Hey! Is this something you’re still doing? I’d love to connect.