[ASK]176K account with 4% engagement for 400$, it's scam?

Hello guys, newbie here

I’m kinda new for this forum, so a few days ago my friends offer me his account, I did research how to check whether account is legit or not. I was done audit account and it shows 80% followers were real by https://igaudit.io/ and I also check comment and looks, real people. and it got 4% engagement

but what makes me concern is about this account already not active for over 3 months so the interaction and discovery kinda low and also total view story only 3K , I’m asking your opinion, should I take over this account or pass it

sorry the picture in my language

176k followers with a 4% engagement would be worth more than $400. I’d suggest having him do a live post for you so you can watch the comments and likes to see if the engagement is authentic.

The deal seems too good to be true, which usually means a scam. Only go through with it if you trust him.

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i did, i ask him to do post and still get 6k like and 65 comment which all of comment was real i check it all. and for payment since he and me live in same city we will meet and i got all like OG email and etc…

i also ask him to do story and get 3k view

so it’s legit ?

Only you can know how trustworthy he is but it really does sound suspicious, what is his reason for selling?

He could easily make 400$ just from shutouts with a page of that size.

yeah that the things i still concern, to be honest this account already have work with big brand such as Daniel Wellington and big ecommerce in my country . but we live really near only 1 hours from place so i think there no way he try to scam me

It really is a bit weird he is only selling it for 400$, but well, if he scams you, just call your gang and drive by is house :wink:

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take no prisoners


I would have said use a middleman but when you are meeting in reallife thats even better. You will make it bro! :slight_smile:
Looking forward for an update here! When everything looks legit that would be a crazy deal though haha