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As most of you know, I am no longer accepting Private Messages through the forum. There has been way to many people sending me Private Messages to the point I can no longer keep up with them all. Any new Private Messages from this point on will be instantly deleted UNLESS, I have requested you to send me a Private Message.

###From this point on, I have created this topic to contact me on.

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  • This topic was created so forum members no longer need to send me private messages.
  • If you have a question for me, that is the topic to ask me on.

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##If You Are A Previous Customer

If you have purchases one of my services in the past, and require after sales support, please contact me on my website.

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If you are interested in purchasing one of my services, please contact me, and order from my website.

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If you have no interest in purchasing a service of mine, and just have a question which is private, please contact me using the website link below.

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##If You Have A General Question

If you have questions regarding Social Media, Business, or anything else, please reply to this topic, and I will do my best to respond to everyone.


Haha, Im sure Johnny and a few others do also :smiley:

Haha, I hope not! The only way to keep people from abusing this is to add a punishment. If it looks like that person abused the “!” then I just delete the message and dont respond to it. If it happens twice, I will block that user from PMing me, or simply ignore all messages from that user.

Hahaha, this crossed my mind, however I did not want to sound arrogant. Now that you said it, Ill add it haha.

Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

“+” is all I have to say in reply :slight_smile:

It might also be helpful to create some “required readings” guidelines before people contact you. For example, if you have a hashtag question, but you haven’t read / or read fully your mega guides, do that first, have your mind blown, and only then proceed with a PM.


Hahaha great idea once again! :smiley:

Ill see what I can do.

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Good idea, I figured after the fact, I sent my question in that it would probably get lost in pm’s. Good system bro

I’ll just ask here for a quicker reply, What are the rates on your hashtag service? And what does it offer? I haven’t seen it anywhere else on the forum.


I literally have 30+ messages to reply to now, and some of them are lists of questions. Haha. yours is somewhere in there. Haha

Glad you like the system :smiley:

I will be posting a topic in the MarketPlace once I can catch up to all my current orders. Im working like a mad man over here.

I was thinking of providing 3 Hashtag research packages $20, $30, $50. Although the $20 package works better than customers previous hashtags, the results were not high enough for my liking. So I am now thinking of just providing one package for $40 or $50. This way everyone gets the best package and the best results. Still thinking about the best route to take.

Stay tuned to see the MarketPlace topic called “Hashtag Research” it will explain what is all included.

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this makes me want to spam your inbox full of nonsense with those symbols: $ + etc.

hahaha :joy:

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Feel free to do so!

If you do, I will write my very last topic labeled “Good Bye Everyone” with a screenshot of your spam messages. Then ill let the community constantly remind you of the mistake you made :smiley:

#WhenYouMessWithTheBullYouGetTheHorns :smiley:

@BrandonBerner Dude you should seriously consider open a blog about IM in general. Rare to see that someone knows how to write good stuff :wink:

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Am I gay or not Brandon? just reply my PMs please! :joy:

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Already working on a little something something :smiley:

Planning on writing the biggest ebook/subscription based website on how to market on IG and the best settings to use on MP, strategies, methods, and much more. Wont be ready for a few months, and will be continuously updated when IG or MP makes updates.


Happy to hear that. It would be a shame not to do something like this. I think you can profit from it as well as your readers.

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Couldn’t agree more :smiley:

I’m trying to cut back on messaging you more haha :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully you’re able to keep your inbox low from now on :smiley:

In regards to the alias and address stuff, that makes sense and I would think there’s a lot of other people here also using alias’s. One thing to watch out for though is addresses on domains… Well… Not that I’ve ever seen it happen before, but I’ve always heard that it’s possible ICANN can take away your domain if they catch you purposefully using false information. So hopefully someday that childhood bully doesn’t try to go rogue on you and contact the “authorities” lol

As long as there’s nothing too crazy on my sites, I usually try to use my real address (converted to P.O. box) and then enable domain privacy.

hey :joy_cat:

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Hahaha THANK YOU! :smiley:

If you do, dont forget the symbols haha.

The address on my domains are not my address, but they are real, and ICANN will not be able to catch what I am doing. I dont want to expose how I am doing this though. As for my bullies address, thats just with PayPal, and the account was created with all false information. I dont care if it gets banned, as all currency is transferred out of it daily. Thanks for your concern though :smiley:

There is no way the bully could find out it was me since I used an alias, and non of the information is accurate. Sure the authorities may be called, but I can just say I made a mistake on the address.

P.O box is a great was to protect yourself a bit in addition to domain privacy.

Unfortunately if there is a will, there is a way, and regardless of how well you remain private someone can still get the information they are wanting to find. Because of that, I thought I would simply create lots of aliases, fake websites, and business to add additional speed bumps making it hard to determine what is actually real, and what is not. Im not saying its full proof, however it has worked great so far :smiley: I always make sure to pick aliases of people with a decent online appearance just to make it even harder. (dont take that as a challenge)

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There is only one reason why they PM you (and any PM outside of business purposes). It’s because they want to hear what they want to hear even though they already know by reading otherwise they wouldn’t find you in the first place.

It’s repeatedly answered and tons of topics are there for common questions, and for methods, it will be better to be kept open so everyone can read. So really, a PM is really unnesasary apart from business use.

I rarely PM anyone unless it’s for business.

Bottom line:
Don’t be a selfish prick.

Ask questions that you know for sure it hasn’t been asked a bazillion times, and if you really want to ask, then ask them in the respective threads. If your question is unique, and an answer is provided, everyone benefits from it. And you saved yourselves from wasting a person’s time, what more a person that’s not an MP staff.


Very true, there is so much information on here to the point the majority is just repeated answers.

More people need to learn how to use the search feature. It really is very helpful.

Smart, I may also restrict PM’s for business only. I dont think I can keep up with the amount of PM’s coming in currently, so Its kinda a must.

It’s like this:

Teacher: Ok this is how you pour water into the glass. Simple right? Nothing complicated.
Many Student: Walks up to the teacher in private -
Student A: But teacher, are you sure the water can go into the glass?
Student C: What happens if you hold it sideways, does the water still go in?


I get only the unfunny ones :smiley: “why doesn’t this work” “give me my badge” “i can’t see the private forum topic, why?” “my level isn’t upgrading, why”

no one messages with the + sign :joy:

btw, funny topic, but i guess at some point it’s a musst :smiley:

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