[ASK + Clue] Local 4G proxies from usb tethering and 2 wifi adapters

Hello Mpsocial,

This is my very first post here, but I’ve been lurking here quite a while.
And apologies if I dont put the title right since I dont know how to write it right

So, I’ve been struggling with creating my own 4g proxies. I haven’t tried raspberry because I know I’ll be stuck. I tried third party 4g proxy maker from phone, it worked but I wouldn’t trust it since my proxies could be sold.

Then, I stumbled across this software that converts our local connections into local proxies. these proxies can be used on Jarvee and it worked great.
Low ping + fast connection.

As you can see, my setup is using 3 phones.

  1. 2 wifi adapters = one from laptop, one USB wifi.
    Both are connected to my 2 phones
  2. 1 usb tethering from 3rd phone.

The 3 phones have been rooted and running Tasker app to rotate my ips.

Then the 3 connections are converted into + ports and I can use them on jarvee.
The proxies are used on my laptop, not vps.

What I’d like to ask is, how do make this proxy without relying on that app?
It is a paid app so It’d be great if I can do it myself so I can reduce cost.

I googled a lot and they said this is something called portproxy forwarding or something. Tried it but didn’t work.

So, can anyone with networking background give some clue about it?
Because I’m sure it will also help a lot of people who just started ig automation.

In order to do this it requires some skill and you may need a developer to make it for you.

I looked into it and you can use apps to sync your phone to a vpn. But you need to create a static connection with your laptop and leave it running all the time. Ie usinh your laptop as the vpn.

I have been lectured on it and there is a post on this forum where I asked this same thing and people gave lots of answers.

All I can say is that its very annoying and complicated. I just ended up buying proxidize. But, see if someone else can help you. This is just my experience.

I see, using my laptop as vpn.
That’s why when installing, I was asked to accept some kind of CA.
Thanks man.

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