Ask Me Anything About Instagram

Hey Guys My Name is Orel im in the game for a nice few years where i managed About 2000 accounts of clients in total
i have been long time in this game and i wouldnt mind share my Knowledge with people who have hard times those days with thier work


Hy Orel - nice to meet you.

Whats the best way to grow instagram Accounts in 2019?


Nice to meet you, and thanks for this oppertunity.

I’d like to ask bunch of a questions, if you don’t mind:

  1. What is Silent Block?
  2. How would you gain your first followers on brand new account - Paid/Free
  3. How do you calculate price of Instagram account?
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would you share some basic strategies and tools names that are not pricey to manage & grow IG accounts ?
and whats the best methode for organic growth when i say best i mean in your eyes based on your experience

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Thank you!

How do you manage client commenting on post replies, uploading pictures or stories since that increases number of logins and per region > ACs?

How do you get clients to trust you with password which is necessary for automation?

How transparent are you with the services and how it works?


How are you handling AC these days?

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How many clients you manage now…



is this the worst times in terms of Instagram automation in your opinion?

its depands
if ur looking for client mangement when u need handle alot of customers
i would say f/uf/ method
if u would say only your own account good content some ads with viral content when u just make people tag each other with your niche of course
i used in my past M/S but today it seem less and less effective

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1.if u mean by silent block (shadow block) its means that your account have been “marked” by instagram and your engegment rate would drop as well and of course the reach of your content wont recieve what your really suppose to get be honest? its a good question beacuse its depands on the niche u looking to grow sometimes in 1 niche i would say shoutouts as a start to get a good reach for your content and sometimes i would say just f/uf with a good sources of your niche
3.It has a lot of variables that affect the price its depands on how many followers what your engegement rate its your story views and also how many likes and comments u get per post to see if the account niche really have good “effect” on people

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i wont share tools names for my own reason + its not alowed to post here softwares names as i know
but strategies in my opinion would start first of choosing your niche and get it going in your own each way of choose it could be m/s it could be f/uf it could be ads or even shoutouts
of course your content and the added value u give to your reader can add alot as example if ur growing an account for someone who is for example hair designer i would add not only content but also tips for how a woman should maintain her hair (just an example)
and so on
" whats the best methode for organic growth when i say best i mean in your eyes based on your experience" : listen ill have to be honest from the begining and untill the end (that will never happen seo never die it just change) the organic growth is for me was f/uf and with a good source research that would give me my best results

to be honest alot of my clients those day (not all of them but alot of them )
keeping the commenting feature to them self
but with uploading pictures and stories i have my employes today that handle those maintain stuff and they do it manual so the Ac doesnt happen
im getting my clients trust for alot of reason

  1. i made a name for my self so alot of clients know my history with their friends who also a client
  2. im showing them some of my current clients to prove my trust
  3. its alot of Charisma of how ur showing your client your knowlegde and professionality that let them trust u in the end of the day
    and i could say im 100% transparent with them they know they could get a ban someday if instagram getting a mad change and they get a full explantion before they start with my services

i checked alot of methods and spins of testing
i know today that unfollow feature is causing the most of the acs
and and also mass story views and uploading through bots your photos and stories
but i lately made my own proxies that make my clients more “hidden” and make the trust score rises as well i can see that through that they have less blocks and acs in a major way

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i hope u dont mind if i keep the numbers for my self
im sorry for being rude

I was told a sentence once
What is hidden from the eyes of people
has a blessing


i would say yes because of the new “limits” and block waves that hasnt been around for a few good years
but we keeping our heads up

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by the way guys keep your heads up for the latest update of J its gave alot of changes

Hey so I have a few questions…

  1. Which Mobile proxy is the best to run multiple slave and master accounts? Also do you use Mass Planner?

  2. What is the optimal like per day automation for steady follower growth and engagement for a musician account

  3. How do increase engagement for a musician profile and drive traffic and comments on daily posts?

  4. How do I make sure Instagram does not detect my automation activity?

  5. How do I track where my new followers are coming from?

Hi. I am new to the Instagram game, and am looking for something that would be a valuable resource to help me grow further.

I don’t really understand proxies. I’m very bad at tech, but I have strengths that I think can really make me succeed in this.

What books, articles, videos do you think I should look at? What next steps should someone with a small insta account (3.6k engaged followers) with very good engagement take? I f/u everyday and that has been my most successful method so far.


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1.i always would recommand your own mobile proxy but its also depands on speed of the proxy and the stabilty of it
no i dont use MP
2.its very depands on the content and your targets source u put in and also of your followers number (also if u do ads or not)
3.i would say using video contents with captions that let people share with their friends and with more mentions your friends and such so it could bring high traffic to your page and post
4.alot of tests whats the best intervals delays and max opertaions per day also try use proxies that wont rotate alot cuz its causing lately a/c as i heard
5.if u use automation u can track through the results of the program and export and see where the followers came from

ok as u start in the past there used to be in the game few types of proxies ipv4 ipv6 residental and 4g
today the best 1 so far is the 4g because instagram usually detect the ipv4 and residental(not likely but it does)
keep your heads up your learn with time everything
u dont need books and articales to get knowledge but there alot of there out here and u can check out them (i didnt read alot of articles that i can put my finger on them and say wow its a helpfull articles) but i can promise u that alot of people here who do post like me answers to alot of questions that u would probably will ask them as well in the future so keep be updated on the forum and always ask what u dont know people here are here to help u

now about your account - i dont know your niche so i cant really give any advice to you but if u say the f/uf is working good for you keep it up if u replay me with your niche i can give u further advices :slight_smile:

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