Asked to change the phone number and BANNED!

I tried to PV accounts with fresh sim cards yesterday, But when I submit the phone number, I was asked to change another number, when I change a new one, the account banned! I have tried several times, all the accounts are banned after I submit the phone number.

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It just happens. Ig bans account for many reasons.

10 account got PVA today… notice “Sorry, please choose a different phone number…”

Sorry to hear that, do you know the reason for this?

It usually means your number is either overused/banned. Try changing the number.

If that number is ‘virgin’, try waiting a few days before using that number again to PVA an account.

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When this happens - get the hell out of the account, run away from your phone (see gif) and don’t verify any new accounts for a day or so. You usually get banned after you enter the number for a second time.

I’ve had this happen once on one particular day I verfiied a lot of newly set up accounts. Best solution is to stop all your verifying activity, resume a day later and if you’re able to verify successful again, continue as normal.

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Thank you! I will have a try

Yes, it’s fresh number, I will wait a few days. Thanks!

did you mean. to stop all account status? and in a couple day try to resumed and verified phone again?

still dont get it what you mean. did you mean to DO NOT register id, donot runing any tools ?

Try another thread.

Oh sorry @mandc didn’t see your original reply. I mean don’t verify any more accounts using your SIM’s, just wait a day or two and try again.

okay. so in this case dont verified the userid. wait for a couple day, and try to verified again?
same with register a new id, do not register?

but i already wait for 7days…and still ask different phone number and banned

Hmm. Where do you get your SIM cards from?

yeah. same thing happens with me. I cant able to verify my acc with old no. And also i didnt spam their but they banned me :frowning:

I tried again yesterday, it works fine. thanks for@sparky

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how? did you try to verify again? didnt ask “choose any phone number”?

this is my new simcard. i never used it before. cant register on instagram , using my new proxy.
notification : “sorry please choose a different phone number”

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