Asking some basic questions

hello, would consider myself new in this fb marketing.

so, if instagram main goal is to follow unfollow like and comment pictures,

facebook goals are to joining groups and spread the post in the groups, am i right ?

however i noticed that most of the groups will just delete instantly any marketng related posts, so what to do with that ?

You need to get crafty with your post to not look like spam or selling something to them. And also some groups are not as heavily moderated. Depends on niche really.

Ive joined groups that are the same niche, but some of them went above the “threshold” and they deleted it. It was getting alot of attention, positive ones, and people are asking where to get it, and i kept saying click the link above. But the mods didn’t like it. So sometimes its really up to the mods justification.

I would recommend you to start growing Facebook pages, because Facebook groups started to have a low impact ( at least for me ).

how do you do it ? at least you need people to be aware of your page and by doing so you need to get people from certain groups…

Yeah pretty much. I think instagram is better…