Asking the right questions for M/C

After finding a provider for the M/C method, what questions would you ask them before paying? It’s hard to know the right questions for those without experience.

See if they have worked with similar niches/ people. Ask them what their process is, if they have to warmup accounts etc.

See if they would offer a trial if they have some accounts already setup in your niche so you can see how to scale.

Tell them what sources you want to use and ask the suggested following for the budget you have

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Thanks heroeslair. Does anyone know an expert in the M/C camping and/or hunting niche?

most guys here are using M/C just ask your questions and we will try to help you.

Also, ask for how they created the accounts what proxies, and how many per proxy

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Thanks Luca. One question, how would I know or assure that I am receiving what I am paying for, ie a certain # of quality child accounts?

Ask if u can see minimum 10 C Accounts. If the Quality of the Child account is shity your grow, image and conversion rate are very low. Especial in EU and US.

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yes as the user above said, you need to test and see the results that’s the only way I know of.

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