Assigning proxies to your (real) browser

I do a lot of email marketing through various emails (all gmail). The way I have been doing this to date was open multiple Chrome browsers on multiple users on my VPS. Using Chrome & Chrome incognito, means 2 email accounts per user. However, I have lately noticed that a lot my emails get blocked by Google that I run from that VPS, always at the same time. I assume it’s because Google tracks that all accounts are signing in from the same IP, hence it increases the risk for being detected as spam. My idea was thus to assign a separate proxy for every browser, in this case it would have to be Chrome & Firefox vs Chrome & Chrome incognito. So, two proxies per PC user. Has anyone been doing this successfully? I tried it once with an Instragram proxy but when I checked whatsmyip[.]com, it showed me the actual home IP, not the proxy IP. This may have to do with the fact that the Instagram proxy was only configured to be used with Instagram. Before I go out and purchase separate general proxies (like the Highproxies private proxies), I wanted to ask whether anyone had been doing this successfully? Thanks

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Use a good IP and the multiloginapp. You should be able to open 10 gmails per good IP. Instead of dealing with all of the gmails, why not use a catch all of forward to one? Might make less work

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That’s what I did but when I went through the Multilogin app and tried checking whatsmyip[.]com, it showed my actual IP. I’ll give this another try with another proxy because I think the other one was only configured to work with Instagram.

Multiloginapp never fails. You didn’t set the proxy proper on your profiles. If your proxies are configure to work only with some sites does not mean to show your home IP instead of proxy to the others (just not resolve). The “issue” is at config (I’m talking just for Multiloginapp).

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It’s possible that it has to do with the configuration. I’m going through the list of choosing between http/socks4/socks5 etc. to see which one works.

Multilogin app is tha bomb. But the Free version is limited to 10 profiles (last time I checked). I’ve been emulating what Multiloginapp does in a hundred or so Firefox browser profiles with some free proxy and privacy plugins. Its not so simple as 1-2-3, but on the Multiloginapp site there is a ton of info about the concepts behind browser fingerprinting, enough to create your own solution like I did… if you have more time than you have money that is, as it took a while to set it all up for many accounts.

Your proxy and your browser can both give away your true identity.

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Did anyone ever have problems using email tray for a lot of .ru mail accounts? Im using it for 30 accounts right now but with one ip

I only need 8-10 accounts, so that’s fine. To be honest, I can setup 10 accounts on Multilogin or 10 proxies on 5 Chrome & 5 Firefox browsers across 5 users on my PC. That’s easily done. My only question is 1) whether one is “safer” than the other and 2) I run Google sheets to schedule emails, so I’m not entirely sure whether that works still with the Multilogin app (can each account have multiple tabs and opens as a separate browser?). Also, I need to get reliable but cheap proxies for these sessions because all my others are dedicated for something else. I was looking at the Highproxies private proxies but was wondering whether anyone can recommend any other?

Aaa OK, in that case I wold use Multiloginapp, it is the gold standard in anti-fingerprinting tech, better than the browser profiles. I don’t remember about the rest though, the tabs etc since its been a while since I needed to use it and they make changes and update regularly.

I use some of my own proxies for all that, they come out very expensive per proxy but I can use them for any site and I know they are very clean and unabused. But I had those anyways for IG, I wouldn’t set em up just for that. Hopefully someone else can recommend you some good cheapo proxies for Gmail.


I run 10 or so gmail sessions off 1 home IP. With multiloginapp you should only need more IP in order to check them all.

well yes, I used to run 8 at the same time as well but now my emails start getting blocked when I send emails every day, so I need to alternate every 3 days. Will have to apply proxies through multiloginapp, just need to figure out a good & cheap proxy provider at this point.

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Use the Pi method that @dimitri made and set it up at a friends house etc. are you in the U.S.? You can buy (usually) 5 extra IPs from your ISP. Or buy another phone etc and use a mobile IP that you can rotate etc. I have multiloginapp on both my laptops, and my server. It doesn’t take too much to get around the “free” restrictions. After all, we all have proxies and a ton of e-mail addresses, right? Put them to use!

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I just bought blazingseo proxies and they work well + price is fair enough in my opinion.

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why not assigning the proxy in the computer settings?