At what point does the account "grow up" and becomes independent?

Hi guys.
Just wanted to hear your experiences. At what point do you feel the specific account doesn’t need boting and can grow on it’s own just using hashtags and “normal” stuff? 20k, 50k…?


I think it not only depends on the followers, but more on the engagement. I think an account can grow really well, if the engagement is good.

The better the engagement, the more independent it can grow.

That is my experience.

I don’t know what others think.


Agreed. You have to really work at it to dominate a niche, and once you do you will know the feeling. If you feel like your 1m+ hashtags are still too small your account is mature IMO. I am in a niche that to me seems limited and I am in the top hashtags getting avg 2.5k likes per post. You will know the feeling when reach “the ceiling” when the hashtags you want to go after are farther and farther from your niche. For example shoes, if you go from #redstripenikeswoosh to #nike and max out you will know when you’re ready to just let it glide.

True, true, true!

But I mean niches like luxury are just hard! Just type in the name luxury into IG and you will find the first 10 pages and all have approx 1mil and after that there will be pages with 500k-1mil

There are just so many, but there are still people who feel like following them.

You just gotta think about what the users might want and what might be interesting in the future.

One thing would be Cc’s or anything with AI’s but I don’t know, if there are many people interested yet.

Thanks for the input guys.

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Any time!

Somebody pls get rid of this 13 char crap :rage::heart:

I think if you have a good enough account, you won’t even have to use hashtags

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