Attention m/s masters

New issue with DMs not being clickable.

Please don’t openly share workarounds on here as someone pointed out to me. IG MAY BE WATCHING

I don’t see any tags not clickable here,Can you specify who is being affected the most by this?

So I took Two Accounts,They don’t follow each other but have had a Convo before,Sent a Message to second account with @username and some texts and the tag is Clickable.

I don’t personally see any issues here,Did you personally notice this?

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Not for me but a friend has and a thread just got made about it here

Question is if that’s only for cold DMs or also for DM to new followers. I believe only for cold DMs afaik

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Would be awesome if it’s only cold dms.
Never send those. Fingers crossed

Dm to New Followers with Tags is still Working,Just tested this now.

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Yep, seems like they’ve made an update recently. Yesterday I updated my app and after it updated I wasn’t able to send or receive @Your_usernames in Dm’s. For now it seems like this update only hit a % of users. Perhaps they’re testing, by country or whatnot.
as of right now I believe it might apply to IOS only, but can’t confirm it.

& I can confirm it’s not only for dm requests but applies to all.

Time to adjust once again.

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Is that cold dm or followers

  1. It affects a part of US users, if i’m not wrong, not all of them. Also, it might target some more specific points, currently testing. But Cold / Warm DMs can still be sent.

  2. It happened right after last update, but also hashtags aren’t working properly. Might be a temporary bug.

  3. Didn’t see any decrease in results in here, so people, don’t stress before it’s happening, and keep walking quietly.

Another Test - Sent a Dm from Android to IOS,Cold Dm with a Tag Mentioned.

1.Tag wasn’t Clickable when in the Message Requests.
2.Neither it was Clickable when the Message Request was Accepted.

I think it’s being applied to IOS Users,Looks like a Battle between Apple and Facebook where the first thing what Facebook did was removing the Verification from their Facebook Page -


Seems to be IOS only indeed.

I think that’s the wrong approach if you want to keep things running smooth. Stress now, prevent things from going down bad now and stay ahead of the game.


Agree with @denis1 . Results are not down yet but there might be some major changes coming up ahead and it certainly affects Mass Dm providers and M/S providers. Or might just be a bug :slight_smile:

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Right or wrong, it just depends on how fast you can update your game. Is it possible to do this action on IG nowadays ?
-> Yes : keep going
-> No : code for an other way

Today, the answer is Yes ; there’s nothing else to do. Of course, if you need 2 months to adapt your strategy, then you should constantly have an alternative behind the scenes :slight_smile:

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Possibly the update will only affect cold DM’s (Mass DM’s - DM user not following or following you).

Bug from instagram-end (i have seen someone’s here facing issues with DM. People can’t see his/her messages so it could be another bug)

Instagram actually doing tests to see how people react to it and from there they decide whether make it official or not.

This is all the odds i thought about, if you have any suggestions guys feel for to share it with us.

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Just tested it. IG handles are NOT clickable in all DMS, even with followers. Even older DMS which contained clickable handles are no longer clickable. I’m on iOS in the U.S.

interesting. so this is either only for U.S. or either only for iOS

I highly doubt Apple decided to intentionally hurt Facebook by making IG handles unclickable in DMS. How does that even hurt IG? If anything, it might help. Besides, handles are still clickable in post captions.

I’m guessing it’s a glitch.

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It’s not Apple’s Move but instead Facebook’s.This all started due to the New Privacy Policies Apple Implemented which prevented Apps to take much User Data compared to what they can take on an Android.

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Wish we could specifically target Android users haha


This is for ios only and has been like this for 3 weeks

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