Australian Instagram users can now request verification

"If you yearn for that sweet sweet social media acceptance which comes in the form of a fancy blue tick, great news – Australians get to be the first in the world to apply for it on Instagram.

Starting at 2am this morning, Aussie users on iOS can now apply for account verification on the platform and, if eligible, will be given the blue tick of approval on their profiles. While the Insta tick has been getting around for a little bit, the Facebook-owned platform is now aiming to make the process more open."

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Will you be applying?



Man, we can finally end all those irritating β€œGet the blue tick for $600” spam now. Cheers for the find, @instagirl! Hopefully it rolls out across regions soon. I have only one Aussie client and it’s not going to be of much help to them.

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