Auto ADD Close Friends

Hello Guys! I follow one account that the person developed an API to auto insert as close friends everyone who tagged them on stories. Does anyone know how I can do this too?


Hey @idsetters,

can you outline in a more detailed way what you are trying to achieve. It sounds like you want to follow users that got tagged in a targets story posts?

Hi Henry… Thanks.

My idea is to create a close friends list with my target (boutique owners). So I will post explaining how is to get in this list (free of charge) with valueable content for them. To get in they need to post in their stories an official photo_ I will have in my stories and instagram profile highlihts_ tagging my account in that story post. So I will see this profile had mention my account and will add it to the close friends list.

Now, manual adding all those profiles could take a while will I get 100 “shoutouts” per day. So I would love to have an automatic way to do this. I’ve heard there’s an API that automatic makes as close friends anyone who tag them on stories. So I would like to use it. :slight_smile:

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