Auto comment on Facebook Ads

Hello there guys, is there a bot to comment on my Facebook ads to certain trigger keywords such as “price” to automatically like and reply to the customer and then send him a private message? I’ve searched around and asked Jarvee support but so far no reply.


I use messenger autimation tool -

for the basic functions is free, to create what you write about, it costs 10 $ per month

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Thanks for your fast reply. Doesn’t ManyChat auto reply only on private messages? I am looking for something to reply on the comments of my Facebook Ads.

I haven’t tried it but this is one of the specific things that the creators of chatmonkey talk about doing with their chatbot.

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You can setup a chatbot like manychat or chatfuel to trigger based on keywords in the comments. Liking is not possible, just the sending message part can be automated from these tools

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Thanks guys, I will research further on Manychat. I also found this tool which is pretty much what I want. However, I need to leave it running on a separate tab of my browser.

@Flairs Manychat