Auto DM function on jarvee

Dear all,

I am constructing my jarvee setting and doing some research.
I am wondering if I can build a list for jarvee to start dm every non-follower accordingly in that list.
Like what we do on follow/unfollow.

However it seems I cannot find this function.
I can just start the dm action in the “after follow function” in the follow function.

Thank you all and appreciate any advices.


You can use the Instagram Contact tool for that. If you have a list, you can have them in a CSV format and import the list to that tool so you can send the messages. Please check out The Instagram Contact Tool - Jarvee for more details.

Thanks for your help!

I am currently stuck in the step that importing my own list to Jarvee.
I kept uploading a list of username that I want Jarvee sends dm to.

However I keep getting the error message:

Not sure what to do

Hello! Just want to check if what sheet are you currently using and if you mind sending what the sheet looks like so we can assess the situation better :wink:

you can download the template file that Jarvee require for importing users then you use that to add usernames

you can get the file from here:

It looks like you’re not using the correct CSV format. This is the correct format:

You can go to Use Extracted Users tab, click export selected, then use the exported file for your import file.

Add your target usernames in the usernames column, you can leave other columns empty, then save the file and import it by clicking “IMPORT USERS” in Use Extracted Users tab.

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Thank you all very much.
I get it.

thanks for sharing :smiley:. It will be a help for me too.

Thank you so much :grinning:

Thanks for sharing Ossi. These are some very useful tips :pray: