Auto flagging - new feature

I found this in a facebook group.

Someone in the comments said it happens both on Insta and Facebook.


there’s no source, no news, nothing.
Just a random source on facebook.

He should also respect the guy who created the platform that is making him living instead of calling zuckerberg, suckerberg


Sounds weird and odd. It never happens like that and Facebook are not gonna lose their users over such a thing. Btw, the whole concept of making a FB group is useless. I never made a group because I kinda figured it out that they all are risky and not worth the effort.

sorry… he was one of the “creators” and betrayed the others (look it up). 2 FB has been question in Congress for working with FBI “and other entities” by “working” with them about accounts privacy (look it up). 3 FB in several occasions “got hacked” giving million of users personal information out… they acknologed this out stating it as true (look it up). They have no publised rules and policies just some realy vague description about the rules but reserve the right to do as they please. they can delete any account they desire and keep all the info. Have no proper nor care to have proper costumer care and finally… I don’t think suckerberg is a disrespect cause hes no sucker, we are. and the list goes on but… food for tought. have a nice day! btw fb does not source info nor post news about changes. One thing I agree with and is I respect the guy for being at the rite time with the right product with luck on his side to surpass myspace. Interesting story believe it or not myspace should be #1 but… funny how things happen in life. Highly recommend you check how fb came to dominate the market untill… well future is uncertain the way they go but they still on top at the moment so… oh and btw when I say look it up is if you care or wonder not in a disrespectull manner, put it like that just cause u mention no source, news, nothing… so that look it up is if you care or are interested, otherwise? disregard cause I don’t care just happened to see it on the news. and hope you dont take it personal but woke up way to early and why am I writting a book here? about this? dunno forgive me, halfspeelp

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