Auto-generating content ideas for Instagram

Hi fam!

Would any social media managers here like to have completely free post ideas for their specific industry/niche?

These ideas can then be used to create your IG/FB posts. We can also suggest stock images & captions that will go well in the post.

Context- We have built an AI SaaS to generate post ideas for different industries and niches and doing this will help us to gauge the output quality. DM or reply to this with your niche, and I’ll get it done for you!

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hey bruh!

my niche is photography

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by any chance, would you have something Korean-related (kdrama, kpop)?

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Sure, anything to do with “sales training” “learning to sell” “getting started in sales” “B2B sales” “sales courses”

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will this be limited to text post? Or it includes image post or video post?

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@Shiyaz_Mohd @mikethest @Boris I’ve DMed you folks!

@mykel7mj we just pushed an update, so the tool now gives ideas, captions as well as images. I’m DMing you more details!

I would love, motorbike traveler/ pilates niche (if it’s easier)

Hey Thomas, here are the ideas and captions the tool generated. Let me know what you think!

Idea: The most challenging motorbiking routes in North America
Caption: These routes are demanding for sure, but they offer the finest sceneries North America has to offer. Time to round up your biker gang!

Idea: Useful motorbike accessories for long journeys
Caption: Bought a new motorcycle of late? Try out these nifty little accessories that can make your ownership experience easier, and give your machine more personality.

Idea: The best cruiser bikes you can buy
Caption: These represent the pinnacle of cruiser motorcycles today, with an unbelievable balance of performance and comfort.

Idea: How to prevent fatigue on long journeys
Caption: Long journeys on motorbikes can cause severe fatigue, and this can also be life-threateningly dangerous. These are a few tips of how to avoid fatigue on tours.

Idea: Performance bikes you can buy without breaking the bank
Caption: Two-wheel fun doesn’t have to be super expensive. Here are the best value-for-money performance bikes you can buy today.

Idea: Things to keep in mind for first-timers at the track
Caption: Apart from using the right tyres and making sure your motorcycle is in perfect condition, there are other things to consider when going out on the track for the first time.

Idea: Motorcycle touring for beginners
Caption: Being a seasoned city-commuter, you may feel ready to hit the motorways with your bike. However, there are several things to keep in mind when you’re planning your first motorcycle tour.

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NICE! So can you DM me for more details

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