Auto hotmail email verification

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Mates i’m facing a quite small issue with auto email verification on JV

i bought some account, made with hotmail, i wanted to set auto email verification for my accs on JV but didn’t succeed to set it

i tried searching on google and tried many ways, but a single one didn’t worked.

i think i’m failing to enable IMAP or POP3 settings on my mails

can anyone help me to with it that how can i enable IMAP / POP3 on my mails and validate my auto email verification ???

and why my accs asks to change the password after each successful email verification ? if any one of you my mates, knows about it please lemme know about these

will be thankful to your replies

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Tabish Abdali

Try using these settings on your Email Validation tab:

if you get an error when you test the email connection, you may have two factor authentication enabled on your Hotmail account, you can either disable it or create an app password.

App password will be used to replace your email password in Jarvee Email validation tab.

Do you mean the account status changes to Temporary locked after you email verify the account?

thanks for you reply

bro i’m not asking for these settings, these settings are valid on JV but i think i’m having issues with hotmail account, i think I don’t know the correct way to enable IMAP or POP3 on my mail account,
so can you help me to enable IMAP or POP3 on hotmail account plz ?

And bro i didn’t meant about the status that changes to tem block, actually when i clear email verification, my account asks me to change my password, that’s what i was asking bro

looking for your reply

check this article:


thanks @Luca

you always gives me advice like brothers

thank you soo much

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you are welcome man glad to help :+1: :+1:

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