Auto like & comments from power users


I’m looking for a service with auto like and comment from the same users every time I post something new to give the post a boost. This has to be from POWER users (a good mix of 10k+ followers, active looking profiles with some verified users). In the beginning I’m looking for 50-100 likes and 10-15 comments. Can anyone provide this?

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I can do it for you. To be exact, I can provide you with 1150 likes and 360 comments per day which indeed increases when considered to work for a month. If you can’t believe, I can provide you some free likes and comments for free as a sample. All comments will be of three+ words describing your post (no emoji). The price I ask is 200$(let me know if it is less, we can bargain) DM me on IG @itsactuallyaman or mail me (